Our decision on Gore story based on evidence, responsibility


During the past 24 hours, we have received a number of inquiries — and some criticism — as to why the Portland Tribune did not publish allegations it investigated in 2007 and 2008 by a Portland massage therapist against former Vice President Al Gore.

These allegations have become public in the past 24 hours, due to an online story by the National Enquirer. That story involved an accusation that Gore molested a massage therapist during an Oct. 24, 2006, visit to Portland.

The Portland Tribune is not the National Enquirer — and we don’t think most of our readers expect us to be.

In 2007 and 2008, Tribune reporter Nick Budnick spent several months looking into the allegation. He made public-records requests to obtain Portland police reports that contained very little useable, third-hand information — and that were released to us months after the incident allegedly occurred.

You mean to say it was not the ‘MSM’ protecting a liberal? Who’s going to believe that?:rolleyes:

Are you saying that if these allegations had been against Cheney, they wouldn’t have been all over the MSM?


I remember a rumor that cheney was with a girlfriend during the shooting incident. she was royalty of some sort. I can check it out if anyone is interested. Who cares what these guys do in their personal life?

it sounds like you did not read the article…

I’m saying that the liberal media sat on worse allegations against Mark Foley and Larry Craig for the same reasons that were voiced about the Gore allegations. They were unreliable and not newsworthy.

There are allegations of adultery by Reagan and the first Bush, too. I never saw them in the media.

Too many folks are ready to allege liberal conspiracy at the drop of a hat.

Sounds like a lot of hooey to me. Good for this newspaper sticking to it’s journalistic integrity on this and not jumping on the salacious bandwagon.
We are fed a constant diet of this trash masquerading as “news”. Case in point; Tiger Woods. Since Al Gore has been out of the administration for many years, who cares?

Only those who want to score partisan political debating points.

You’re half right. Actually, I did read the first page. It was just a self-justification, and seemed to promise more, so I skipped the second one. So, upon seeing your post, I did read the second page. Same thing, of course. They did respond to a question like my remark, but they,of course, blew smoke. I remain persuaded that the MSM would have been all over this if it had been Cheney.

I certainly didn’t say it was a “liberal conspiracy”, and don’t think it is. It doesn’t need to be. Most of the MSM people are liberals and think alike. They don’t need to discuss it among themselves. Frankly, as I understand media people of every stripe kind of like to be the first with any story if they can, so I wouldn’t expect them to conspire. But given that liberals seemed to love accusing Cheney of things, and since news people do follow up on a story once it breaks (sometimes even in the same words) I would certainly expect the MSM to milk any scandal about Cheney. Much less so with Democrats.

Are you accusing jjdrury of trying to score partisan political debating points in starting this thread? I’ll have to think about that, I guess.

The question was who is concerned about the allegations as to Gore?

Not me. The man couldn’t have sank any further in my opinion of him before this “story” broke. He should be left alone. Tipper has already delivered to him what he deserves. Let him enjoy his last years built on his sociopathic success in selling snake oil to fools in the US and Europe. He is one of the best scoundrels of our time, the kind that manages to maintain his adoring minions even in his open and blatant hippocrisy.

And Ridgerunner’s response is jjdrury is. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered creating a thread about it. :shrug:

I think the thread is about alleged cover-up of evidence of the issue, not anything done by Gore. Who is paranoid enough to be concerned about some ‘liberal media’ protecting Gore?

"Only those who want to score partisan political debating points. "

Ah…well, thank you for rewording your question. You didn’t tie it to the cover-up previously. You responded to someone who asked “Since Al Gore has been out of the administration for many years, who cares?”

Obviously, you and jjdrury would be included in the “who cares,” based on your activity in this and the other thread. :shrug:

I do realize it may just be a knee-jerk reaction to protect your own though…

Who would consider calling a spade a spade a knee-jerk reaction? "Only those … "

Is this one of those thread games where we post half sentences and the next poster finishes?

Seriously, this is much ado about nothing. It was a non-story to begin with. It was speculative. Sure that doesn’t stop some papers if they want to throw a little mud, but in this context, the paper was right not to waste the ink. I do not see what is wrong with acknowledging that. Even a clock that has stopped is right twice a day. This paper…

(your turn)

I agree, but some posters can’t resist making knee-jerk…

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