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I believe that one thing which holds all of us Christians together whether Catholic, Methodist, Baptist or Free Holiness in the Our Father which as far as I know is prayed by practicing members of almost all Christian churches. Do you know if the SDA and JW and Mormons also pray the Our Father? I would be curious as to how they feel about it.


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I don’t have an answer to your question but I was interesting in seeing you put the SDA in with the Mormons and JW’s which leads me to believe that you dont consider them Christian… Is it common among Protestants to not consider them Christian? I don’t know much about the SDA obviously but I always thought that protestants considered them fellow Christians.

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This will probably sound mean spirited but most people I know are either Baptist, Methodist or Church of God and they all believe the SDA to be along the lines of a cult.


Here is a not so friendly to SDA website if you would like to look.


Thanks I was just about to ask why they thought this about them… Like I said I am unfamilar with the SDA.

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I was raised a JW, no emphasis what-so-ever was placed on the Our Father prayer. Repetitive prayers were a no-no and I was once counseled on my public prayers before the congregation because they all sounded the same. The elder who was concerned correctly discerned that I just didn’t buy into it and was just paying lip service to “Jehovah.”


Yes, the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes are probably the two most common Christian prayers most Christians sects share in.


I am not Christian, yet I still pray “The Lord’s Prayer”. If you mind the words, you will see that it is not merely a Christian prayer. There is no reference to Christ, or the Trinity in it. It is about our relationship to the One god.



My JW friends always focus on the “hallowed by thy name” part, and assert that traditional Christianity fails to hallow God’s name by rendering it in most bibles as ‘LORD’, instead of ‘Jehovah’.

The Lord’s Prayer/The Our Father is a very imortant prayer, and must be recited with reverence. Too many people just mutter it in church with no real reverence or respect.


no, the jw’s do not say the Our Father.


Thank you for that link. I always suspected that they held Ellen White in much too high of an esteem than should be for a human being, much like Mormons do regarding Joseph Smith.



Here is a not so friendly to SDA website if you would like to look.truthorfables.com/SUBJECTS.htm

Nice one. Yes, sounds a bit familiar.

Also a bit like JW’s Charles Russel.

I suppose the JW’s Lords Prayer would begin with ‘Our Jehovah who art in paradice hallowed be thy Name…’

Sorry :rolleyes:


Our Father Who art in the heavens

Let Thy Name be sanctified (hallowed)

May Thy Kingdom come

Let Your Will take place

as it is in the heavens, so also upon the earth

Give us today the bread for this day

Forgive us our sins (debts)

As we also have forgiven our debtors

And lead us not into the hands of temptation

And deliver us from evil




What? :confused:


Hebraic version.


The Lord’s Prayer According to Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier

Our Doc who art in the National Palace for life, hallowed be
Thy name by present and future generations. Thy will be done
at Port-au-Prince and in the provinces. Give us this day our
new Haiti and never forgive the trespasses of the antipatriots
who spit every day on our country; let them succumb to
temptations, and under the weight of their venom, deliver
them not from any evil


Are you serious? Do I detect someone off their meds?:whacky:


SDA believe in the Trinity just like Catholic, Methodist, Lutherans etc.


[quote=Seventh-Day Adventism]By virtue of their valid baptism, and their belief in Christ’s divinity and in the doctrine of the Trinity, Seventh-Day Adventists are both ontologically and theologically Christians.

[quote=Seventh-Day Adventism]Seventh-Day Adventists agree with many Catholic doctrines, including the Trinity, Christ’s divinity, the virgin birth, the atonement, a physical resurrection of the dead, and Christ’s Second Coming. They use a valid form of baptism. They believe in original sin and reject the Evangelical teaching that one can never lose one’s salvation no matter what one does (i.e., they correctly reject “once saved, always saved”).

Unfortunately, they also hold many false and strange doctrines. Among these are the following: (a) the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon; (b) the pope is the Antichrist; © in the last days, Sunday worship will be “the mark of the beast”; (d) there is a future millennium in which the devil will roam the earth while Christians are with Christ in heaven; (e) the soul sleeps between death and resurrection; and (f) on the last day, after a limited period of punishment in hell, the wicked will be annihilated and cease to exist rather than be eternally damned. (For rebuttals of many of these ideas, see the Catholic Answers tracts, The Antichrist, The Hell There Is, Hunting the Whore of Babylon, The Whore of Babylon, and Sabbath or Sunday?)

Many Adventists insist that, as a matter of discipline (not doctrine), one must not eat meats considered unclean under the Mosaic Law (many endorse total vegetarianism), and one must avoid “worldly entertainments” (card-playing, dancing, smoking, drinking, reading non-religious books, listening to non-religious music, watching non-religious television, going to the movies, etc.).

Adventists also subscribe to the two Protestant shibboleths, sola scriptura (the Bible is the sole rule of faith) and sola fide (justification is by faith alone). Other Protestants, especially conservative Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, often attack Adventists on these points, claiming they do not really hold them, which is often used as “proof” that they are “a cult.” However, along the spectrum of Protestantism (from high-church Lutherans and Anglicans to low-church Pentecostals and Baptists), there is little agreement about the meaning of these two phrases or about the doctrines they are supposed to represent.

click here to read more from Seventh-Day Adventism

What’s a valid baptism? A valid baptism is with water and the words I baptized you in the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Son, and the in the Name of the Holy Spirit.


Dead Serious.
Papa Doc made it law that all Haitians had to use that prayer:D

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