Our Father?

Can somebody tell me where we get the second part of the Our Father, (for thine is the kingdom…) Thanks.

As I recall, it came from a notation by a coypist made in the margins and later entered into the text. Hopefully, someone else will have more information for you

cf. [thread=135433]Our Father Prayer and additional wording in Matthew and Luke’s Gospel[/thread]


It was added by the Catholic Church in the early centuries. I’m not sure if it was by the action of a Church Council or simply a Liturgical act. I do not believe you will find it in any version of the Bible except the KJ.

I do not think that it is correct to call this a “second part of the Lord’s prayer.” Rather it is a doxology which has been *liturgically *associated with the Lord’s prayer from the early centuries. This is the reason that the two prayers are separated in the Mass, as a means of making clear that they are distinct, while honoring the ancient tradition of adding the doxology in public prayer.

This relationship is explained in paragraphs 2759 and 2760 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Adveniat regnum Tuum…

John Hiner

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