Our first dine in restaurant experience in months

Before hubby’s eye appointment today we went to a very nice Cajun restaurant a couple of towns over from us. They are usually packed table next to table and very crowded and loud. Well today it was strange to walk in and about half or less of the tables out, could actually easily walk between tables and not bump into anybody. ALL of the workers from the door greeter to the manager wore masks. The manager came to our table a few times to see how everything was. We thanked him for reopening and left a nice tip. It was so good to do this after so long. hubby said it had been months since we had been able to dine in somewhere.


Were you allowed to take off your mask once you were seated?

We didn’t have to wear masks only the worke rs.


Thanks. This is encouraging. As more and more people share that they were out and about, life will gain a warm hue.


You could tell the people who were working were just happy to be back. The manager did say wearing the mask was rough.

The mask gets even tougher to wear during the hotter parts of the year.

Imagine working in a hot kitchen in the summer.


Yes I would not be able to do it unless I had a fan pointing at me constantly and the thermostat set to very cool.

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How was the food?

Oh my excellent as always. This is one of the better Cajun restaurants around. We had my retirement party there and when I was still working we had our school 's Christmas party there many years. Very good food and always great service.

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They have one seafood platter that has so much food on it hubby and I could share it and still not be able to finish it.

Not to mention while eating . . .

the mask (I use a neckerchief; it will be useful if I take up bank robbery once this is over . . ) is easy. It’s the swim goggles I wear into stores that are uncomfortable . . . (and fog up in the freezer aisle)


Masks are a pain.Im sure glad I do t have to wear one for extended periods of time.I get really hot wearing g one😳

the neckerchief itself isn’t bothersome at all.

It’s the swim goggles that are uncomfortable and annoying . . .

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