Our first Rorate Mass

We were Blessed by our Archbishop on October 1st this year when he gave to us our own church to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass. The Fraternity of St. Peter sent Fr. Michael Stinson to us to celebrate Masses every day of the week.

So here we are in Tacoma, Washington with this beautiful old “Slovak” church, St. Joseph’s. Our pastor, Fr. Stinson got together with the two Seattle FSSP priests and they got permission to celebrate a Solemn High Rorate Mass at 0630 am on the morning of December 12th.

Looks like the North American Martyr’s parish will be coming down to join us for this very wonderful celebration. The N.A.M. choir will sing the Mass and the two FSSP priests from Seattle will serve as Deacon and Subdeacon.

We’ve been told that the Seattle/Tacoma men’s club will serve breakfast after Mass in the hall. :thumbsup: :smiley:

You are truly blessed. I have heard that Rorate Masses are beautiful, and I too am hoping to attend one this year. I’m sure the Fraternity priests feel blessed to honor the Blessed Virgin in such a sublime way on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as she is the patron of their North American seminary.

Forgive my ignorance but what is the Rorate Mass?

It’s the Advent votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin, celebrated early in the morning before dawn, with the only light being candlelight.

:thumbsup: Congrats that’s great.

Ours down here is at 5:30a.m. It’ll be the first one I’m going to. Super excited to see what its like. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: Congrats that’s great.

Ours down here is at 5:30a.m. It’ll be the first one I’m going to. Super excited to see what its like. All candlelit wow! :extrahappy:

Check this out.

Awesome news!:thumbsup: :extrahappy::dancing:

Congrats on such a BLESSING!!!:thumbsup::clapping: I am so happy for you!

GOD BLESS THE FSSP! I LOVE THEM!!:heart::highprayer:

If you can, please post pictures & give us an update later on.



What is a Rorate Mass?

Ah! So nothing to do with Traditional Catholicism specifically?

Have you ever heard of a Rorate Mass done in the OF Mass? So specifically it is a truly Solemn High Mass in the EF.(Traditional Form)

Our Rorate Mass is this Saturday at 7:00AM. It is also an FSSP parish.

The Rorate Mass is actually not a votive Mass. It is the seasonal Mass of Our Lady on Saturday for the Advent season. So it is proper to the day and season of the year.

Sorry to be so enthusiastic but I can’t help it. Am posting a picture of our high altar.

It’s beautiful. And to think that there are those who wish to tear these things down.

That is a shame. Maybe they could do this in the OF too? Or can it only be celebrated with much ceremonialism? You see, this still doesn’t tell me what it is about the word ‘Rorate’, which makes this celebration impossible in the OF? (I don’t speak Latin, you see).

Rorate comes from the first word of the introit of the Mass (the OF doesn’t have an introit in its Mass propers). The first line is “Rorate, cœli, desuper…”, “Drop down dew, ye heavens…”

Hi. I see. Thank you for this explanation. :slight_smile:

Actually, the OF does have short introits–these appear in the missal and even most missalettes-- but they are not often used. :shrug:

I just learned today about the Rorate Mass being celebrated at the FSSP parish in my area (Kansas City), and I am pretty excited to go to it. I have never really heard about a Rorate Mass but as soon as I saw a brief description of it on the schedule I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m going!’ haha. I don’t get to attend a sung Latin Mass very often since I am an organist at a diocesan parish which obviously doesn’t celebrate the Latin Mass as a primary Sunday Mass, much less a sung one, so I’m really looking forward to it.

I actually came across knowing about this Rorate Mass because I was looking for the FSSP parish’s schedule for the Immaculate Conception, to see if they had a High Mass for that. Couldn’t find info on it but did come across the Rorate Mass! :slight_smile:

So, ultimately, it could or it couldn’t be celebrated as an OF mass?

Yes, the OF missal has Saturday Masses of the BVM for each season of the year, including Advent, so it can certainly be celebrated.

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