Our God is an Awesome God isn't He?

I know some people hate this song, but I stumbled upon this youtube and I am so glad we serve an awesome God - one that the mind can’t fathom.

Awesome God

And having praised God anew, I’m going to bed happy . :slight_smile:

I thought it was going to be the original by the late Rich Mullens. Michael W Smith (and Hillsong United) just repeat the chorus from the Rich Mullens classic. Much prefer the original w//verses. Never been a fan of Smitty, though I know many people like him. I love Rich Mullens though, sadly he died before becoming fully Catholic.

Sometimes I think it’s because they (the ones that don’t like it) think “awesome” is used like “awesome, duuuude” kind of way, making it sound trite. As an anthem, I understand the appeal; it sums things up perfectly:

He reigns from Heaven above
with wisdom, power and love…

Yes indeedy He is. I like the Rich Mullins version.

Thank you for sharing that! I just finished work and really needed to be reminded of the awesomness of our God!

Thank you for putting a smile on my face!

Thanks for that link. I remember hearing that version, but I didn’t remember his name so couldn’t find it.

I just like the video that accompanies the one I linked to. When you look at his creation. Wow!

You’re welcome. I just wanted to share a little bit of what God gave me yesterday when I found the video. :slight_smile:

I just googled Rich Mullins and Catholicism and found this:

Fr. McGinness, vocations director of the Diocese of Wichita, and Mullins became friends while Mullins attended Friends University in Wichita. Fr. McGinness says Mullins asked him to give him instructions in the faith, but Fr. McGinness told him it would be more appropriate for him to attend RCIA sessions at his local parish, Blessed Sacrament.

Five years later, Fr. McGinness says he received that call from Mullins saying that he could no longer wait to receive the Eucharist. Fr. McGinness arranged for Mullins to be received in the church in a private ceremony on September 22, but the fatal car accident irrevocably changed that plan.

How sad. May God honor his intentions.

I wish I could call a priest and say “I can no longer wait to receive the Eucharist” and be received in a private ceremony.


Mullins went through RCIA, but had a lot of doubts/questions he needed resolved, so he wasn’t received initially with those in his class. One person who really helped him, was fellow musician John Michael Talbot; Mullins visited him at Little Portion, and made a private retreat there. Mullins and Talbot had another thing in common, besides being musicians; they both were attracted to the spirituality of St Francis of Assisi; it was their devotion to Francis that led to both exploring Catholicism. Talbot himself was a convert who became Catholic, and not only counseled Mullins on things, but sent him to people that Talbot knew could assist him, because these people helped Talbot with his own questions/doubts, or were people Talbot knew well.

It was sometime after this, that Mullins contacted Talbot, and said he was convinced, and wished to receive the Eucharist ASAP. Unfortunately, he never had that opportunity, due to his untimely death. It seems Mullins had informed several of his intention to finally come fully into the Catholic Church. He was an amazing musician, and an amazing humanitarian who gave most of his income from his music to charity, specifically poor Native Americans on reservations. Had he become Catholic prior to his death, I have no doubt he would have been declared Blessed, or even Saint by now. He didn’t get to receive Holy Communion, but he is in communion with God in eternity.

:“Awesome God” is probably one of Mullins best-known songs, as well as “Step by Step”. He wrote “Sing Your Praise to the Lord”, which was recorded by Amy Grant (I like Mullins own version much better). "A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band had songs based on the Catholic Mass liturgy, “Creed” becoming the most well-known. Mullins gave his support to a little-known young band in the mid-90’s called “Third Day”, and was a session musician on their debut self-titled CD. A few years ago, Third Day was invited to perform for the attendees of Papal Youth Day in NY; they led the Catholic youth in a rousing rendition of Rich Mullins “Creed”. There are videos on YouTube of all of the above.

Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know about JMT or if I did I thoroughly forgot it.

The graphics on the “Songs” CD liner notes are pretty Catholic for someone who wasn’t Catholic. :wink:

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