Our Guardian Angels.

I often ask and send my Guardian Angel to be with a loved one to keep them safe (assist their angel?) I have heard we can hold our hand over our heart after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion and ask our Guardian Angel to hear what we ask of Jesus,so that during
the week we do the same and ask our angel to gently remind Jesus of what we have asked.
What other ways can our angels help that we might not be aware of?:slight_smile:

I know someone who asks his Guardian Angel to wake him up on time in the morning.

If you are trying to win someone to the Catholic faith in conversation, you would do well to acknowledge their own Guardian Angel and ask for his help.

I really like that idea,and must put it into practice-thank you steymard.

Sometimes (when I remember)I look around at all the people ,say in the supermarket,and
acknowledge,greet their angels and in doing so WHAM it hits me- all those souls that belong to God ,and God wanting each just as much as the other to get to heaven,loving them all.No longer are they just people.

I used to do this riding the Metro; nothing else to do just sitting there surrounded by strangers.

I asked my guardian angel to nudge me so I don’t miss the consecration at Mass. I zone out rather easily and missed this moment regularly. I figured it would be a task an angel of God would be up for. :slight_smile:

I have actually asked this too, I asked my angel to wake me up at 8.00 and I woke up at. 7.59!

Your alarm clock is one minute late:thumbsup:

We should try to go to daily Mass as often as we can but when unable to, then send our Guardian Angel to Mass in our place with our prayers. When I say the Divine Mercy Chaplet I ask Jesus to send my Guardian Angel to pray with all the Guardian Angels of all the sick people througout the world to pray with me, for them. Wonderful thoughts here. God Bless, Memaw

I recieve the Holy Communion on tongue. Unfortunately, there is no paten provided under the communicant’s chin in the Ordinary Form of the Mass. I usually ask my guardian angel to bring a paten or a cloth from heaven and put under my chin so that the particles of Our Lord’s body will not be dropped on the ground. :wink:

Heres some info, kinda more than what you wanted to know :

There are 9 celestial choir of Angels : Seraphim, Cherubim,
Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

According to Magdalen of the cross, all Angels posses the same happiness. The knowledge of God, is present to different degrees amongst diff Choirs. So a higher choir would posses more. St Gabriel, excel all other angels.
Angels dressed in red & wearing a small crown are assigned to persons who suffer. Those dressed in white with a beautiful crown, are assigned to innocent souls.
Children have very beautiful angels dressed in light blue with pearls , with a crown of roses. Angels of sinners are dressed in deep red, with their arms folded across their breasts, faces turned towards heaven in an imploring manner.

Holy souls who have a special mission on this earth have extraordinary Guardian Angels.
Padre Pio was one of those souls. So Padre Pio’s angel was special in the sense that it would have all the different attributes.

Angels can fly, guide or protect you, take messages across, be mechanics, drivers, translators etc. They will obey you and do what is asked, as long as it doesn’t oppose the will of GOD.

I have also read somewhere, that during Holy Mass the Angels pick up the minute particles of the Eucharist that have fallen and put it back in the Chalice. During elevation, every Angel present, will kneel and bow down. If only we could see this it would be so beautiful.

It’s sad that too many of us are not aware or conscious that they are besides us, ready to do pretty much anything.

Much of what I’ve written isn’t my own, its from the book “Send me your guardian angel” Padre Pio by Fr Alessio Parente. Padre Pio had a unique and deep relationship with his guardian angel. He would frequently send his angel on missions for needy souls. This book is about this relationship with his angel and encounters with others. It is very informative, beautiful stories. You will get a better understanding of what a fantastic celestial being God has given us to help us here below.

I knew a priest that always said a little prayer asking the angels to pick of every fallen partical and place it on the paten after Communion. Padre Pio always sent his angel to the angel of others before meeting them. God Bless, Memaw

Good idea! I say the Guardian Angel prayer every day and night and ask him to pray with me. At Mass one Sunday, I was kneeling on the steps up to the altar (as a lector, we do that) during the Eucharistic Prayer, when I suddenly heard an enormous amount of fluttering wings! I even turned my head to see, but saw nothing. It must have been the congregation’s angels approaching their God (and our God too). BTW, my guardian angel will awaken me early for Mass so that the alarm will not disturb my sleeping wife.

I always pray to my Guardian Angel daily, I ask my Angel to watch ,protect,and to Guide me,so that I do many one day Join all the Angel.s in Heaven.,and to keep me from going in the wrong dirction.

I never knew this; thank you.

When I’m praying for someone I like to ask my Angel to work with their Angel. It’s amazing how much a couple of Angels working together can do for the other person… much more than I ever could.

And yes, I’ve asked my Angel to wake me up on time sometimes… and he (? Angels don’t have genders, since they don’t have bodies, but it seems disrepectful to refer to an Angel as “it”) has a great sense of time, despite being outside of time.

I doubt if I could ever explain all this to a non-Catholic. But I also pray to my children’s and grandchildren’s guardian angels. I especially thank their guardian angels for loving and protecting them.

Can you ask your angel to protect someone else if you knew someone was in a very dangerous place and you were perfectly fine?

Of course, send your Guardian Angel to assist their Guradin Angel ASAP, Prayers! God Bless, Memaw

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