Our Ignorance of Socialism is Dangerous


Well, it’s hard to when ever someone states they’d like a policy in place that smacks of liberalism and are then accused of being a socialist! That’s the problem I often face.


If you need some reading on liberal philosophy I’d recommend someone like Thomas Paine, John Locke and John Stuart Mill. They will give you a very good understanding of liberal thought. Now if you read someone like Jean Jacques Rousseau you’d be getting more into the socialist school of thought


Make no mistake. The progressive Liberals in this country are purely Marxist. They use all minorities to gain power. The poor is nothing more than pawns they use to gain power.


Yes, your disgust at liberals is very apparent to me.


There is a lot of confusion on this thread .

Labels are thrown about left , right and centre , without much understanding or agreement on what the labels actually mean .

I detect a kind of psychological apartheid , an escape from reality which creates a mental aberration and a prevention of normal thinking .

Mention something of a political nature and all rules of common sense go out the window .

Dialogue becomes impossible .


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