Our Ignorance of Socialism is Dangerous


Poverty is virtuous only if it is embraced for the sake of the Kingdom of God. There is poverty which is freely accepted for the sake of detachment or resulting from persecution, there is poverty which is the result of forces beyond the poor man’s control, and there is poverty which results from one’s own vices. The first is virtuous, the second is morally neutral, and the third is evil; the three must not be conflated.


James 2:15-16
If a brother or sister has nothing to wear and has no food for the day, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well,” but you do not give them the necessities of the body, what good is it?


Put no trust in any political ideologies or you may find yourself believing them rather than believing God .

As the Good Book says , " “The foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom…For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight…Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?..It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans . "


I don’t think that that is what socialism is at all. I think socialism is an ideology that seeks to achieve state/public ownership and administration of the means of production (and services) and distribution of the proceeds of this. I don’t think that taxation of the public and of businesses and using this revenue to provide public services is actually socialism.

I think there is often confusion between social democracy, socialism and simply a government (even a conservative one) providing public services for the public. In the UK, the Conservative government provides healthcare and state benefits funded by taxation. Are they socialists?


When ever they don’t like something they call it socialism. What they really reject is the common good, and they liken it to socialism to fool people into thinking it’s wrong.


I have no doubt that a Democratic or Capitalist system is better than Socialist system but in some parts of the world, you don’t have a choice to have a Democratic or Capitalist system or if you do, it might be very corrupt and that is a danger to freedom as well.



Why do people in the USA keep using the word Socialist when in reality they mean Communist.
Socialist parties in Europe, for example, who even form the government in countries from time to time are NOT Communists!!


One thing is for sure, if America ever became a socialist nation, there would be a mass emigration. No one would want to live there and everyone would want to get out. It would turn into a third world country.

Venezuela used to be a good place to live. I met a middle aged woman from there. She told me how it was very international in Caracas, and the economy was good in the past. By the way, the government there has been killing people (mostly protestors, people trying to fight for their freedom). Also the prisons are totally out of control. The gangs shoot machine guns from inside the prisons to show their power to people outside. They can apparently come and go as they please. A Venezuelan guy here in Colombia was showing me videos and telling me about Venezuela. Millions of Venezuelans have left because they have nothing to eat…That’s just the way it is.

The reason that everyone wants to go to America so bad (from developing nations) is so they can have a decent living, not be taken advantage of, and not have to always be on alert in the streets or buses because crime is bad… cops don’t do anything. It’s because their governments are that corrupt.


Name calling and labelling cuts both ways. But I do think the term ‘socialism’ is often used not so much as name calling, but as a relative term or comparison. If using taxation to provide public services is socialism then I would think practically all Western nations (even the USA) would be classified as being socialist. But they’re not socialist governments, so what really is a socialist government?


You make a good point…

The reality is that he hate to find ourselves struggling while seeing our neighbor receive assistance. It can be frustrating to see people demanding help and not having the ability to alleviate their own challenges?

Yet juxtapose that with the ever increasing divide with the wealth within our society? We are a culture of materialism and anything that creates a barrier to our attaining what we want is rendered evil.

True, "Socialism" is just a term people have absorb from listening to too much conservative talk radio programing that has the intent on creating divisions. It diverts our attention from the true dichotomy that is being created.


First Frankfurt, Fabian, and Gramce went after the Judaeo Christian Ethic.
The they went after the children in the womb.
Then they went after free speech/ religious observance in public places.
A along they gradually in 100 years, filled to educational, media, half politics
arts & entertainment - by subterfuge covertly by incontrovertible evidence
during this time infiltrated the Catholic Church; with clever philosophies,
Utopian Agendas - and propaganda in disguise for Frankfurt, Fabian, and Gramce.
The flip on any issue, if they can exacerbate an emotionally charged situation
for public support - claim any oppression - like historically established
Natural Law from The God of Nature, with God given rights for life first is OK,
if we ‘smart’ people can decide who gets the right to life by ‘our’ interpretation
of socioeconomic issues for our ‘progressing’ naturally toward a better world.
all you others who talk about justice - you hate the poor - we’re smart —
stop oppressing us!

They claim for being for the good of all; but who they choose is not part of all.
They lie about the science of life. They can’t disprove consciousness; yet
know people survive being stone cold dead; yet have a lucid conscious experience;
apart from their body.

world wide their ‘Utopia’ ‘progressive’ ‘egalitarian’ ideology - material based; brutally
murders tens of thousands of helpless children in the womb or just outside of the womb.
Millions of ‘broken eggs’ to make a Utopian omelette; to borrow from one socialist.

When will it end?
God only knows; but Jesus Christ will say I never knew you to those from His Impartial View who decided to be heartless toward helpless children as they boasted about works - claiming to be for the poor; claiming prudential judgement for socioeconomic reasons;
“I didn’t know,” “I was just following other’s examples,” “I wanted to decide if Providence provided the right time for their lives - it was out of concern,” "but the media/educators/politicians - real smart people - yes they flipped on issues; I wasn’t smart
enough to know it was a seducing ploy; it wasn’t a human rights truth issue for me — and other hemming and hawing. He will say depart from Me you workers of inequity, I never knew you. But to those by Grace diligently seek virtue; not falling for the ‘new’ changing social mores “commandments” - that The Divine Revelation in faith and morals is given through His Church - and cried day and night for justice for all no matter how weak or small;
not throwing tiny children under the bus - to make an unattainable ‘progressive’ humankind centered Utopia — as history showed over and over and over;
the meek will inherit Eternal Life.


That is a good idea. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Protest Child killing has been
asking people through that web site to keep appealing him to do it.
The ferocious backlash may impede the cause of life defending thousands of children
this way according to The Declaration of Independence.
The heart wrenching agenda must be fought with consistency in the Sacredness of Life;
informing conscience more and more, in culture; and with all the branches of government.
On Jan. 22, 1973; too many playing at heartstrings seducers were in power an influence already - combined with so much complacency the Godly effort of a pro life amendment
fell on mostly deaf ears. Mostly because of ‘bread & circuses’ people were already being lulled to sleep. That day will go down in infamy.

why doesn’t he just broadcast videos of those who know the prudence
of immigration reform needs to include secure borders like Bill Clinton and B. Obama. & others.
If someone would transcribe those speeches, give them to those
using this issue to paint those who are doing the prudent thing for all concerned badly;
they would say, we’re tired of this rhetoric. Then show them the people who made
those speeches.
It isn’t the only way they incite people. History repeats and repeats and repeats.
~ the hundred year war Leo xiii spoke of may be over. many are waking up to
~the propaganda & tactics of those promoting a moral relativist culture of death.
God help those who do not learn from history.


Against The Catholic Grain: Pope Francis Trumpets Socialism Over Capitalism


“In a New York Times tribute headlined, “Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!” philosophy professor Jason Barker declared that “educated liberal opinion is today more or less unanimous in its agreement with Marx’s basic thesis” that capitalism is fatally flawed. But that presumption is true only if “educated liberal opinion” simply does not care about tyranny.”


Thank you for citing that article.
here is another: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/a-little-known-side-of-karl-marx-his-poetry-and-his-diabolism
Why does the striving toward ‘benign’ Utopian - ideologies;
always result in re-inventing The Natural Law / The God of Nature / Creator Given Inalienable Rights - specifically in modern times to oppress or redefine The Judaeo Christian Ethic; and/or decide which group is ‘useful’ enough to protect and worse decide that they are an inconvenience to progress/agenda/what-have-you???

how do Christians get sucked into the rabbit hole?
‘modernism’ ‘Omega point’ ‘material’ philosophies many times masked very well;
play at their heart strings. Dietrich & Alice von Hildebrand raised awareness very well
to give clarity as to what was transpiring.
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and now others relate to incontrovertible evidence of the
infiltration of the Church by holders of ideological/political agendas.

Much of society in the U.S.A. and Western nations are blind to more and more children
decade by decade falling into the seduction of the propaganda war of attrition purposely
opposed or ‘redefined’ Judaeo Christian Ethic.
The sad thing is; honest science knows the population bomb is a myth.
But the rhetorical war wages on how to increase the spiritual/educational/material needs of families.
Do we do this by clearly teaching The Kingdom of God as Jesus Christ always with us does without complacency on every front (Church/family-community/state)? Or let the ‘Utopian’ ‘critical theory’ ‘material needs’ philosophy is the cause of strife/warfare continue to maintain the status quo at the detriment to young consciences, therefore souls?
I don’t believe in ‘fear mongering,’ nor overly alarmist ‘chicken little the sky is falling!,’ conveyances. Only God impartially knows states of full knowledge.
But objectively either a person is pro-life or anti-life; therefore Christlike or anti-Christlike.
But we are obviously living in the time of rhetorical warfare for souls prophesied by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. It is true that only God has Impartial knowledge of who has lack of knowledge and can be saved & a reprobate. Wheat v. tares.
The wheat or (tares used by God in His Providence); with Christ Jesus always among us
fight for The Kingdom of God, justice in every venue; while;
The tares or (wheat partially seduce in concern for the poor needing urgency of now conversion with assertive compassion); fight for a human centered ‘Utopian’ almost oblivious to the God given dignity, value, and Sacredness of every human life as current fruits show - by a lack of needs is the cause of oppression & warfare & strife therefore exalting the ‘material’ over God revealed justice; dictatorship of moral relativism.

Most do not understand the compassionate urgency of now for souls. Thinking ignorance is bliss; knowing that sounding overly judgmental to persons is detrimental to souls; but letting this cause to much fear to assert the signs of the times.


Socialism has completely destroyed Sweden, we’re stagnating country where you pay 70% marginal taxes with an extremely dysfunctional public sector. I feel psychically ill just thinking about what happened to this country and how the ruling elites waste our money on prestige projects and what makes them “feel good” without any thought of consequence - we get nothing in return, not even basic security.

No, Sweden should not be a model for anyone wanting to build a functional country.

/A Swede


Which is why anyone who cares about their kids won’t send them to the state citadels of indoctrination and imprisonment.


Yes …


So is any government that provides public services funded by taxation socialist?

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