Our Ignorance of Socialism is Dangerous


No, what we need is a balance of capitalist and liberal principles. Socialist principles are contrary to what the Church teaches. Especially regarding the ownership of property.


Sounds interesting . :roll_eyes:


You know the type. Tax the rich. Totally fine with abortion and lacking in any religious conviction.


Your opinion. We can agree to disagree.


If I may challenge the premise of this thread, if not socialism (or something else like social democracy or the Nordic Model which isn’t a contemporary form socialism though does seem to be socialistic (then again don’t all governments require some form of collectivism) then what? Perhaps people are struggling and looking for answers, looking for respite and repose possibly from the difficulties and toil of life.

Granted I guess I am melodramatizing but if things were easier, maybe there wouldn’t be so much discussion regarding socialism, social programs, the safety net and such.


Or the other side of the coin, give tax breaks to those who have more than enough money to have a good life, find with making abortion illegal, but not willing to make sure that all children are born into a life worth living, or talking about religious, but not living a religious life.


Well not really. The Church says that man has the right to own property. If we go down a socialist train of thought that would be a contradiction. Socialism advocates for the seizure of property for the redistribution of wealth. And the Church is against that.


Of course I know .

She’s a politician .

And , I presume , like all politicians .



You know this person well enough to call her dumb.
I will pray for you. :pray::pray::pray:


The Church also tells us that we should take care of our brothers and sisters. And to not hoard everything. In other words, to share.


Collectivism is not necessary for government. Collectivism would imply that we’re saying the individual does not at all matter, but the individual does matter. And the benefit to having an expanded welfare state a la the nordic model is that the system is universal and each citizen can use it.


That’s because she is. She has virtually no grasp on economics.


Put it this way, if it were a competition between Diane Abbott and AOC it would be tough to pick a winner for worst.


I believe her credentials contradict that.


Just because she has a degree in economics doesn’t mean she actually grasps it. I mean, she still came out a socialist in the end. And socialism has been an utter failure. We only have to look at the 20th century to see what socialism accomplished. It made hell on earth for people around the world from the Iron Curtain to East Asia


Socialism has oppressed Christians around the world. And I would rather we not advocate for a system that will inevitably violate our right to freely worship


As a Christian, I challenge you to state your case in a different way. Say that you believe she has no grasp of economics. But don’t call her dumb. First and foremost, who are you to judge. I am sure you would not like to have some refer to you as dumb or stupid. Worst hurt. Think before you speak.
I know we live in the world of Trump, which means everything must be prefaced with some sort of insult.
But we need to regain civility. Agree to disagree without being nasty or vulgar.


Her politics are a threat to those of us who are Christians. As a Christian myself I’d challenge you to look at the things socialists and socialist regimes have done to Christians in the past. And then perhaps pardon me for not thinking very highly of AOC and her brand of politics.


I can see my words are wasted on you, OAJ. You are so full of hate for people who express socialist views, you cannot see that your attitude is what causes problems in third world.
Jesus tells us to love our brothers and sisters, even those who we disagree with.
You are are hating a woman who you do not even know. That is a bit over the top. :pray::pray::pray:


Socialism literally leads to people in bread lines and Churches being shuttered. So yes, I’m going to stand in opposition to that. Lenin himself said that socialism was merely the road to get to Marxist communism. And as a Christian you cannot support an ideology which heavily advocates for things that are in opposition to Christian teachings.

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