Our Ignorance of Socialism is Dangerous


And no, I don’t hate socialists. I think socialists are a threat to my rights and liberties.


The United States has 50 states … essentially 50 different countries … and people vote with their feet to escape the worst and to emigrate to the best.

We do have a national police force but some people protest it:

The Potomac two-step:



Respectfully opinion only in pondering :thinking:
Agree …why these citizens themselves, who ran and were elected to serve?..There wages paid provided by the people, to labor for in making sure the needs of all people are provided for and equally protected by the very Laws… theses elected officials create are to fulfill? :thinking

Righteous Laws created that will provide… Equally Rights, Freedom and Protection for all? Whether they be …Civil Laws and Moral Laws?


His Righteous Laws…His Ten Commandments provide and distribute…Equality Rights, Freedom and Protection for all do they not?

His Ten Commandments do not say, this… Thou shall not Law …only applies to citizens, but does not apply to rulers does it?:thinking:

His Ten Commandments does not say this…Thou shall not … only applies to Woman and not men do they? :thinking:

Written, historically recorded also…
Were good Kings / bad Kings?
Good Kings who ruled a Nation’s their citizens prospered did they not? Why?

Bad Kings their Nations did not prosper and their citizens suffered much why?

Written Is there not 12 hrs in a day to labor?

We reap what we sow? What we have labored at, produced?

Some planted their seeds in fertile ground etc? labor needed, produce?

Be fruitful multiply and cultivate the earth? Labor is needed, produce,care for?

Sermon on the Mount…distribute, care for, give out of our excess to those in need, in want, help lift up…( but they too need to labor also?)

Honest days work for a honest days wage? :thinking:

Deut. Do not defraud a laborer of his true labor wage? :thinking:

Deut. 23:19 You shall not charge interest on loans? :thinking:

Deut 23: 24-…If you go into your neighbor’s vine yard you may eat your fill of grapes, as many as you wish, but you shall not put any in a container…

Deut 23: 25 .If you go into your neighbors standing grain you may pluck the ears with your hand, but you shall not put a sickle to your neighbor’s standing grain.

Commanded to continue building upon his Creation. labor within in serving him?

One who labors not …while others are laboring…is unrighteous…this is the socialism Jesus was against?

Jesus trying to teach us…what creates poverty and what maintain’s that poverty?

:thinking: Remember the story of the rich man, rich couple, couple who needed to to hide all their richest and the other who built a barn to store his riches?

Even Jesus was given a task. a work to accomplish in serving laboring for the good of all, was he not?

No one on this fertile Mother Earth today should be in want or in need of food, clean water, shelter, labor also should they?
Now having all this new modern tech in today’s modern world etc?

Mother Nature provides for all our needs …Freely…but we are to labor and take care of her…Destroy Mother Earth we destroy our selves?

Was it ever meant to be a profit driven Life?:thinking::



There are two councillors in my ward for the local borough council .

The Conservative councillor blames all the world’s troubles on religion . He also happens to be my Godson , so I’ve gone wrong somewhere along the line .

The Socialist councillor is a member of our parish who is at Mass every day , works hard within the parish , her forte being flower arranging for the decoration of our church .


How on earth is it the socialist that is the one who goes to mass and volunteers to do things for the Church?


Because she is a good practising Catholic .


When any country chooses the government as their “almighty” answer and solution to each and every problem and need then that country has terribly lost its way. Government has NO place in being our “savior”. Government is of the people, by the people, for the people but should NOT “be the people’s only and complete answer”. When we want everything paid for and taken care of for us by the government we have handed in our freedom card. NOPE not a good idea at all.


The socialist types here in the US would never be caught dead going to a mass, and most of them would certainly not be practicing Catholics.


Why do you know them all ?


Respectfully volunteering is not the kind of socialism being discuss is it?:thinking:


I’ve interacted with a lot of socialist types from across the country. They’re typically my age, and they don’t typically have very nice things to say about the Church. I didn’t say all, but I will say from my extensive dealings with socialists in the past that it probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say most socialists in the US are in favor of things like abortion. Something that a practicing Catholic or Christian in general can’t or at least shouldn’t be in support of.


Respectfully opinion only.

Agree. do so without being nasty or vulgar. :slightly_smiling_face:

Asking kindly …Judging Trump are we?

Jesus teaches us.how to judge?
Written: You will know them by their fruits. :thinking:

Jesus teaches us those who judge not those around them…will be like…The blind following the blind right off a cliff? :thinking:

Did Jesus teach us. ask us to believe in His Word…Follow me…do what I do more or less and did Jesus …Judge others? :thinking:

NT Chapter Matthew 23 tells us Jesus did judge others while on earth, did he not? Whom did he judge so harshly, boldly and in no uncertain words as being…this and this and this… was it their rulers and his own Temple priest? Highly learned men? Elders? Rulers? etc?

Chapter 23 Matthew
Jesus judges? :thinking:
Jesus judges them as being lawless ones, failing to obey the very laws themselves…yet forcing others to obey the laws?
Jesus rebukes them harshly?
Jesus judges them and identifies who they are?
Jesus boldly, harshly gives out his Woes to Scribes ( teachers)?
Jesus, does he not call them… blood vipers?
Jesus judges them and calls them …hypocrites x3?
Jesus calls them …soothsayers? white washers?
Jesus judges and calls them murders? Shedding of innocent blood?
Jesus judges and calls them as being… full of plunder?
Jesus judges them and calls them as… Being filled with dead mans bones?
Jesus judges them calling… them blind fools?
Jesus judges identifies them as being children of their father of lies?
Jesus judges and calls them… serpents?
Jesus judges and charges them as being… full of every kind of filth?
Jesus judges them as being self indulgence?
Jesus judges them as committing idolatry?>>Self worship? They love places of honor at banquets, seats of honor?
Jesus judges them as lovers of money? Matthew 23:16?
Jesus judges them Matthew 23: 15>> Woe? make him a child of Gehenna twice as yourself?
Jesus rebukes the King…Go tell that Fox?

In Matthew Chapter 23 just…Did Jesus use harsh, nasty and vulgar words against those whom he judged charging them as being this or that calling them what they were & doing? :thinking::thinking:

So did Jesus turn the other cheek?? Which was crucified?

Jesus ask us to follow him not be socialist maybe? :thinking:

Jesus stood up boldly, harshly rebuked and saw the Unrighteousness and injustice being done on the larger in numbers, the innocent blood being shed, his people being heavily tax with burdens leaving them in want?.. by those who sat in sits of power right?

Was Jesus ignorant of what socialism means, believe not.
How Jesus lived on earth fully tells us he was not for socialism, maybe?

Stand up labor, working toward Righteousness for all?

Opinions only :heart:


From the words you use, you sound like you hate them.


It would not be wise to presume to know what I think of socialists.


Socialist types. I did not know there was a socialist type.
I subscribe to some socialist ideas (social security, affordable health care for all, higher minimum wage, and other issues), but I am a Catholic first and foremost.
I think you are grouping people together for hate speech.
You hate all socialists. Say what you will here and now.
Hate is wrong.


I am just looking at some of your postings. You seem to have hate in your heart.


Welfare state programs are not socialism. Socialism isn’t necessary for social security or a minimum wage. You’re conflating expanded welfare states with socialism. One is not dependent upon the other. FDR was not a socialist, he created social security and the minimum wage.

Hate speech is a subjective term that can be used to mean whatever you want it to, so not really sure why you’re throwing it out there.


I’m struggling with the definitions here. What do you define someone that believes in capitolism but feels there needs to be some restraints in place to control abuses and greed yet also thinks some socialistic programs need to be in place to prevent abject poverty and ensure, as much as is reasonably possible, that everyone has a reasonable opportunity to achieve an education, basic healthcare, food and shelter, etc.

I never know what to call myself. I definitely believe in the right of citizens to own property, to have a business, to freely worship as they choose and that the government has no right to invade my home or know everything about me. I also think that government is the only just means of assuring that people have a basic standard of living available to everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity or whether we like them or not. Private enterprise has no interest in obtaining equality for society. Government does and sometimes the best answer is a socialistic type of policy. Are we overdefining socialism and capitolism?


They wouldn’t be socialistic, because the goal isn’t to control the means of production and put it into the hands of workers. And I’d define you as a liberal, possibly in the classical sense. You believe that the state’s purpose is to protect your rights and to protect you as a consumer from the excesses of certain elements of the capitalist economy (ie Wall Street).


A lot of people don’t understand that socialism and liberalism are two completely different schools of thought with different intellectual traditions.

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