Our Lady of Akita medal

I accidentally posted this request in another thread instead of starting a new one… :o

I probably don’t shop online enough to know which vendors are the most reliable, so I appeal to my spirituality friends. :o

Can anyone confirm that this is the official Our Lady of Akita medal and where one can be purchased?


Ive purchased things from a variety of vendors off amazon and have had great experiences. Just curoius, why are you so attracted to OLO Akita? Just curious because you dont hear much about this devotion.

I remember hearing about it from a member a while back, and it came up recently in the Ask an Apologist forum where Fr. Serpa confirmed that the local bishop approved of it. The prophecies are probably ominous to some ears but they seem to apply so much to a world that turns its eye away from God.

Ahh I see. Thanks

I’m intensely interested in Our Lady of Akita, but then again I live in Japan. There is an excellent book which I’ve read a few times called “Akita - The Tears and Message of Mary” but I don’t think there’s much else published about the events.

I’ve seen photos of this medal before. I don’t think there is any other version of the medal outside of this one. I was under the impression it was no longer available, but I could be wrong.

Is it known by any other name? I can’t find one for purchase anywhere.

Well, in Japanese, it’s 秋田の聖母マリア.

I found it at this web site a few minutes ago:


I will keep looking, but in the meantime, you may want to reach out to the convent directly:

Our Lady of Akita Shrine
“Redemptoris Mater”
The Chapel of Seitai Hoshikai
Handmaids of the Holy Eucharist
Soegawa Yuzawadai 1
Akita 010-0822 JAPAN

Phone: 018-868-2139
FAX: 018-868-4728

Our Lady of Akita medals are available for free, limit one per request. Send name/address to: akitamessage@aol.com.


That does not appear to be the same medal as in the OP, but thank you.

A little different, but very nice! I will be contacting you by e-mail.

Just to clarify, there is no “official” Our Lady of Akita medal. One was made in a limited number previously but was not created according to specific instruction from Our Lady (like the Miraculous Medal.) I’ve had some made up that simply put the image of Our Lady of Akita on the front with the words “Our Lady of Akita Pray for Us” on the reverse. The point is to help make this important apparition as well known as possible.

If anyone would like one, for no cost, please just send name/address to: akitamessage@aol.com.

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