Our Lady of America

has anybody heard of this approved apparition and devotion?

i first heard of it in this post


our lady appeared to a nun in indiana between 1956 and 1980

there is also a petition
to have a solemn procession to move her statue to the national basilica.

why do they need a petition to accomplish this?

There is a story that Our Lady appeared to George Washington.

I believe they need a bishop’s approval to enshrine her in the basilica. It’s not just a matter of moving her there, it’s something much more involved, but I’m not clear on what/why not.

starting to make more sense, thanks
i also found this

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]We now expect many groups of pilgrims to travel for a visit at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center where they can view the statue and honor Our Lady of America When, if and as, Bishop Leonard Blair initiates a proposal with the United States Catholic Bishops for the solemn procession and permanent installation in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, we expect the request of Our Lady to be satisfied quickly. Our Lady of America , pray for us.

so maybe the petition is to encourage bishop blair to initiate the procession sooner than later??[/size][/FONT]

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