Our Lady of America


What does everyone think of this devotion: ourladyofamerica.com/
Apparently it has the approval of a bishop, but I haven’t really seen many people talking about it much.


Never heard of it . . .


It dosen’t have the Church’s approval, which is through the local Bishop (unless the Holy See says otherwise), so I wouldn’t worry over it.


I’m not sure if it counts as approval but it says that the Archbishop Paul F. Leibold was the spiritual director of the (alleged) visionary. And he also gave Imprimatur to the journal concerning the visions.


Our Lady of Guadalupe is our lady of America. She belongs to Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America and South America. Johnette B. had a representative of Our Lady of Guadalupe on her show a while ago and he explained how “America” was one big land mass when Mary appeared. It was not divided into separate countries. Therefore, when she appeared in Mexico she was appearing in “America”.


This is different. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of all the Americas. The Our Lady of America is referring specifically to the USA.
EDIT: I found this on EWTN ewtn.com/library/BISHOPS/burkeolamer.HTM


If Archbishop Burke wrote that encouraging letter I would trust his judgement. He took a lot of abuse when he built the shrine in La Crosse for Our Lady of Guadalupe. He was “accused” of spending the money from the diocese of La Crosse to build it and that was far from the truth. It was built entirely with private donations. He also had to put up with all the “liberal” Bishops who made fun of his policies of refusing communion to politicians who advocated abortion. Archbishop Burke is already a saint in my eyes. I would be interested to know if he has written anything more recent than 2007 on the subject.


I’m not sure. I honestly hadn’t even heard of him until I found that earlier today. A quick google, though, says that in addition to the letter he is ‘actively promoting’ the devotion.
I wasn’t really all that sure about this, just curious what others thought, but after reading the letter I’m starting to feel it is probably a good message;


A local Bishop approval is only the first step in the process. That alone does NOT constitute a Church approval.
Church approval is given by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome.
Anything else does not count.


It’s good enough for me :).


Well as you said it was the first step. Once it has the approval of a bishop shouldn’t it be considered a ‘safe’ thing to believe in?


The bishop was actively promoting it. If he felt free to promote devotion to Our Lady of America, I feel free to engage in it.


Actually there were two of them who actively supported it, but only one of them actually new the visionary.


Hello George,

See the previous thread from someone else.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is of all the Americas: North, Central and South. If specificity were a factor then she would be of Mexico only.


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