Our Lady of Fatima and Her Message

Where have you heard/read the message?

This is sad, but I’ve been Catholic all of my life and never even heard of ANY of the Marian apparitions until I finally found my way back to the faith a few months ago. Never once were they mentioned in church, or youth group, or anything that I can recall!

I’m sorry to here that and congradulations on coming back to the Faith. I hope that you come to know of God’s love through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Currently, what Marian apparitions have been discussed since you came back to the Faith?

I was taught about Fatima at school and read up on the purported apparition along with Lourdes after my mother taught me as well. I went through a period where such historically close spiritual interventions strengthened my faith as I have always been a person of reason.
I believe that these apparitions of Our Lady helped me strengthen my devotion to Her, especially after her identification as the immaculate conception to a young peasant girl with limited knowledge of this doctrine. Lourdes speaks for itself in the miracles of healing that continue to this day. Other supposed apparitions that seem to be endless appearances by our Blessed Mother almost on call by supposed seers which are not supported by the local church authorities will await the judgement of the Vatican as far as I am concerned.
But it is obvious that the Lord wishes to use Our Lady to remonstrate with this Generation and I bow to His Will and Her honour.

In a movie. :shrug:

How interesting. Do you remember what movie it was?

That same old 50s movie I’ve seen Fatima devotees watch: The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. :shrug:

I credit Our Lady of Fatima with my reversion and the opening of my eyes to our faith years ago. This lend me to the Blue Army. :slight_smile:

I’m going to go with neither. Because a speaker came to our parish with a Fatima statue replica and talked about the miracles (which I tend to be skeptical and question sometimes) and the requests from Mary (which I question also), we also prayed the rosary (which I loved). I’m still learning about Marian devotions so pray that I learn better.:slight_smile:

Is there a reason why you are skeptical about the miracles and the requests from Our Lady?

St. Bernadette certainly had “limited knowledge” of the Immaculate Conception, but the same is true of us! She and we have a lot more in common than we might think.

Those apparitions at Lourdes came a few short years after the Pope (Bl. Pius IX) had defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Even Our Lady waits for the Church to act. Imagine the confusion if the Church would start to pronounce infallible definitions IN RESPONSE and CONSEQUENT TO apparitions.

What would the world be like if the Pope would always wait for some kind of seer with some kind of vision, before he would make an infallible proclamation?

But at Fatima, Our Lady came warning of trouble in the future, that only she can help us, and gave us the greatest public prophetic miracle in the history of the world. The violence of the October Revolution erupted in Russia before the end of the same month: October, 1917. Just imagine: if the pope and bishops of the world had consecrated Russia to Her Immaculate Heart in September (for example) that revolution wouldn’t have taken place.

If those Fatima events had happened today, it would be worldwide news overnight. But in 1917, it took *years *for news to travel, because it spread by word of mouth, snail mail, and newspapers. A phone call or a telegram just didn’t quite cut the mustard. There was no TV then. No Internet. There were Catholics in America who didn’t hear about Fatima for several years, into the 1920’s. That doesn’t even add up today, when ‘tweets’ go 'round the world in 40 seconds.

My skepticism mostly falls under the sun moving miracle and consecration of Russia. I mean what’s wrong with the Russians? (Yes I know about Soviet Union etc.)


You might be interested in reading the testimonies about the movement of the sun on the right column of the site below. These were published in the communists newspapers in Fatima. The reporters had been sent to the site to disprove it!

All miracles can be hard to believe. They all defy nature. But then, if God is All-Powerful …


Rather, than think of the Fatima message as saying that the Russians are so bad … (really … ?, The USA exports more evil with its contraceptive, abortion, homosexual agenda than any other nation.)

I think Mary was saying how blessed Russia was going to become with the aid of God’s grace. Who knows ? Maybe someday Russia will help convert the USA and the UN. (by the way, I live in the USA)


Hi thanks for some references. I will do more research on them. It’s not that I’m skeptical about all official Marian apparitions, Fatima is just the one that I find more demanding of us. I tend to have more apparitions toward Lourdes and Guadalupe than Fatima.

Some people think that third message was tampered with by Freemasons who infiltrated the Church, and that the real message spoke more on depth about a division within the Church and that Pope John Paul the first was killed because he was going to address the issue. Also, there is suspicion surrounding the idea that Mary the Virgin Mother told sister Lucia to deliver the message in 1960, but the Church ordered the Sister to take a vow of silence and the message was then delivered long after Vatican 2 in 1983.

I saw this on the anti-catholic History channel a few days ago on a show called Decoded by Brad Meltzer. The show was biased IMO, in a way that was offensive -but it is true that scandals do sometimes take place even within the Vatican… I have heard that the Cardinal who ran the Vatican bank during Pope John Paul the firsts time as pope was a freemason though. :o. The Pope then died of a heart attack after a confrontation with that Cardinal but the Popes brothers said there was no history of heart attacks within the family. That Cardinal was also allegedly seen pacing the Vatican halls the night the Pope died.

If this is too controvercial, let the mods remove it. It’s just what I saw on TV… :shrug:

Gossip of this sort is unfortunately attractive to those who do not control their sordid desires, the curse of Original Sin.

Because the secret had been held in confidence for so long, people had plenty of opportunity to speculate what it had revealed. All kinds of speculation of what THEY WANTED to hear. ** 2 Timothy 4:3-4**

So, they made up lies to suit their desires.

Both Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have at least indirectly affirmed that we have the message now in its entirety. To say otherwise is to indirectly accuse them of deception. This is not a tenable position for man of good will, Catholic or not.

To clear up some of these controversies i have made a page here. It is well documented with appropriate links to the Vatican web site for verification and clarification.


I read today that Pope Francis told :
**Pope to archbishops for Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul: Don’t waste your time in useless gossip **


From a Catholic book.

The Fatima story in fact is a major reason why I’m a Catholic today, because I was convinced it’s a true story.

Sorry if my previous post was too brief, and unclear.

Thanks TEPO for making your post so that way we would know what we are up against in the secular world.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right way to help a person that is persuaded by these bad TV shows. Yes, evil does happen in the Church. We are all sinners. But when it comes to the baseless speculation that the TV shows like to glamorize I think we need to clarify that these accusations have no solid bases and we need to help others by getting them to ask and do self examination onto what are they desiring to focus ?

I recall seeing the movie on TV as a kid, I think it was just called Our Lady of Fatima…but in both grade school and high school, members of the Blue Army came to speak to our classes and hand out pamphlets etc.

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