Our Lady of Fatima and Kezan

I was wondering about Our Lady/Theotokos in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches and came across this cartoon out of the blue.

If Mary appears to both Churches…then who’s right?

She says to pray for schismatics at Fatima (I think)…I know private revelations aren’t binding, but Fatima is almost dogma it seems.

I’m just confused :hypno:

I nothing of Kezan, but at Fatima Our Lady did not ask prayers for schismatics in Russia, but rather for the conversion of Russia. By that she meant from communism, which was about to ravage it and many other nations in the world, not from Orthodoxy.

After a quick search it looks like Our Lady of Kezan is an icon, not an aperation.

Our Lady of Fatima did say to consecrate Russia and in the end her Immaculate Heart would triumph. She warned that Russia would spread “its errors” but she was talking about Communism" not Orthodoxy.

After many consecrations of Russia to Our Lady of Fátima done by various Popes, Sr. Lúcia only said Russia was actually consecrated in 1984 as it was the only consecration that had the communion of all the bishops Pope John Paul II could gather, as she had said that the consecration of Russia should be done in communion with all the bishops of the world.

Hey, not too long after, Russia’s communism did crumble! :smiley:

And a side note, I never remember of Our Lady telling Sr. Lúcia that was consecrating Russia for them to convert to Catholics (and believe me, the Portuguese [including myself, because they teach everyone all of this without even having anyone asking] are complete geeks about Our Lady of Fátima; Her and St. Anthony of Padua who was born here too). As far as I’m concerned, both Catholic and Orthodox are in full communion to God, so as long as the Orthodox don’t manage to have a schism like we did in the 16th century, Christians there are completley fine. :thumbsup:

Actually the word is spelled Kazan and not kezan.

And not all in Russia became atheists and communist. There was always an underground Orthodox and Catholic church in Russia. In Orthodoxy they were called the catacomb church.

It will help if you choose not to believe anti-Christian propaganda. Our Lady of Fatima never said that she would convert Eastern Orthodox into Roman Catholics.

Why in all the appearances of Virgin Mary (Even in Egypt), she did not say anything about the need to rectify Muslims? :confused:

:amen: And I have no doubt Our Lady had a great deal to do with the fall of communism and the restoration of the churches in Russia, thanks be to God.

Because Our Lady is not interested in driving people away from their beliefs but in saving their souls. Muslims have devotion to Mary, some quite a deep devotion. I believe she could be the one to bring peace between Christians and Muslims if we would only ask her. May God grant it so!

Sorry Della but I think you got it wrong!!!

Islam literally denies JESUS crucifixion which the whole Christian faith is based upon, even if Muslims have a devotion to Mary, that is not enough when there is a greater crucial conflict between the two.

But they don’t deny the virgin birth, oddly enough. Many Muslims make pilgrimages to Marian shrines because of this. Praying that Our Lady grants peace between us can do no harm no matter what anyone believes/doesn’t believe, yes?

:eek: No, Muslims are not allowed to make pilgrimages to any shrine!, it’s prohibited Islamically.

You’ll have to tell that to those that do, I guess. :shrug: :wink:

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