Our Lady of Fatima Predictions of WWII


I have read that Mary at Fatima predicted that a Second World War would break out in the reign of Pius XI. However, Pius XI died in February 1939, while WWII began in September 1939. How do we reconcile this?



this is the actual start of ww2


The war started in March 1938 when Hitler invaded Austria.

Fatima’s message wasn’t specific regarding a full-blown world war or just the first of the battles.


Mr. Zeaiter, what you seem to forget is that some folks can trace the groundwork for WWII to the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria in 1931. As only one person’s point of view, though, this certainly seems to me to be a definite precursor to the war, and it definetely occurred while Pius XI was still alive. :ehh:


Simple - change the date of the war :slight_smile:

Now, if she had predicted something of which the date could not be re-interpreted, that would have been impressive. But this, proves nothing.

It’s not even certain beyond all possible doubt that it was part of the message, because something is always lost in the transition from the thing experienced, to the recipient, to the rest of the world. This is pretty basic mystical theology, & IMHO more needs to be said about it.

See (T.R.P.) A. Poulain, Graces of Interior Prayer


As for the orthodoxy & quality of the book:
*]“The Holy Father [Pope Pius X] has confided to me the agreeable mission of conveying to you his warm and sincere thanks for your remarkable treatise on Mystical Theology entitled: The Graces of Interior Prayer, the fifth edition of which you have just published. His Holiness is rejoiced at the fruitful result of your long years of study, spent in observing the ways of grace in souls aspiring to perfection. He is happy to see that now, thanks to you, directors of consciences possess a work of great worth and high utility. You not only rely upon the incontestable doctrine of the old masters who have treated this very difficult subject, but you present these teachings, which constitute your authorities, under the form that our age requires. While wishing your work a great success and abundant spiritual fruits, His Holiness grants to your Paternity the Apostolic Benediction. In acquainting you with this favor, I am happy to assure you of my own sentiments of high esteem.” – Cardinal Merry Del Val, Rome, April 2, 1907 [see the link][/LIST]discernment of spirits

Private Revelations

See especially the third of several “causes of error in revelations”:

3. Human action may mingle with the divine action.
*]St. Catherine Labouré foretold many events correctly, but failed on others. It is especially easy for this to happen with ideas that appeal to our own desires or fit with preconceived ideas. Benedict XIV (Heroic Virtue III. 14. p. 404) said: “The revelations of some holy women canonized by the Apostolic See whose saying and writings in rapture and derived from rapture are filled with errors.”[/LIST]CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Mystical Theology


Also, try not to put too much faith into what some folks say. Those folks will say, and do, just about anything to denigrate Our Lady. :twocents: :tissues:


One thing that has always bothered me about these prophecies is that they were written down by Sr. Lucia in 1941, after the events had come to pass. How, then, can they be considered prophecies when we aren’t even sure she didn’t just make them up?

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the authenticity of the visions; but this little detail sometimes makes me doubt…


The prophecies weren’t for all to believe.

The miracle on October 13th, 1917, was for all to believe.

P.S. For what it’s worth, I don’t regard the secrets as prophecies because there were conditions as to whether or not they will pass; I tend to think of them more as predictions.


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