Our Lady of Fatima

This issue has come up on a couple of threads and some concerns about a certain Fatima web site.

If you want to know about Fatima, check out the World Apostolate of Fatima. wafusa.org/fatima_message/fatima_message.html
They are the *only *Fatima association designated as a Public Association of the Faithful. This means:

Only a public association can receive a mission to teach Christian doctrine in the name of the Church, promote public worship or pursue a purpose which by nature is reserved to ecclesiastical authority (canon 301 §1).

They received this designation through:

the Pontifical Council for the Laity proclaimed a decree elevating the World Apostolate of Fatima to Public Association of the Faithful for the Catholic Church. Archbishop Stanislay Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council, presented Professor Americo Pablo Lopez-Ortiz, International President of the World Apostolate of Fatima, with the decree at the Vatican dicastery

*. wafusa.org/press_releases/press_releases.html#2

Don’t put stock in sites that claim the church is hiding facts about the Third Secret (and so on). Sites not in accord with the Catholic Church and the Holy Father are “no go”.


The Individuals , if they are not converts to Protestantism, should remain under the Catholic discipline in the matter of their religion, in my opinion.

I love Jesus and Mary


Mohammeds favorite daughter was named Fatima

Yes and stick to sites such as the one above that have some recognition from the church (this Fatima organization has very good official recognition). Always be careful of sites claiming that the Pope is lying or Rome is apostate and so on under the guise of being solid Catholics.

I love Jesus and Mary**

**You love entities you call “Jesus” and “Mary”, but they are not the Jesus and Mary of Christianity.

I confess there is no God but Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and Jesus is God Incarnate and Mary is Theotokos.**


Paul had differences with Jesus and his concepts, in my opinion, and he did not present life accounts of Jesus correctly that is why you see what you have stated.


Paul met Jesus on the Damascus Road. Paul knew Jesus. Paul spokeof what and who he knew. Did Mohammed know Jesus?

Have you read the newest debates regarding the Fatima Secret not yet Fully disclosed?
and, written from a Vatican insider!
This manual recently translated from Italian into English is:
THE FOURTH SECRET OF FATIMA author Antonio Socci. Thus titled, because the third secret has not been entirely disclosed, therefore calling it the fourth secret.
The book is stacked with documents from cardinals, popes, and Lucia’s own handwritten letters. It is very clear, the entire Fatima message has been and continues to be hidden.
The message was for all mankind, and especially for the Church leaders
This so frightened the leaders at the top, they each decided during their reign that this was
not going to be revealed "…on their watch!"
Take a good look around you. Vatican 11 did not bring the security they expected. There became a great division…traditionalist,…modernists…phony intellectuals…and pews are emptying, Churches are closing and/or merging due to priest losses…and I could go on. Do you honestly believe the Pope has consecrated RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY? It WAS NEVER DONE AS OUR BLESSED MOTHER REQUESTED. …"publicly with all the bishops throughout the world…“
The pope has said, the “world” not “RUSSIA”. How can anyone have the audacity to change the words of the Mother of God, and say this is acceptable?
The world is not at peace…look around you. That is one of the promises our Blessed Mother gave ,If the Pope would Consecrate Russia (by name) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. And, can you tell me the day on which all the bishops of the world did this ‘publicly’ in union with the Pope for the world to SEE? I don’t recall such a profound thing happening…do you?

So then Pope John Paul II, (then) Cardinal Ratzinger, and Sr Lucia are all liars.

As all of them have said that the Third Secret has been fully revealed.

I find it interesting how all those who say that the Third Secret has not been revealed can not truly know this as they do not know what any of the “Secret” are as they are not in the loop of those who have seen them prior to there being revealed.

It really does not matter any ways as the messages of Fatima are private revelation which is not binding upon any Catholic to believe in.

As to the consecration of Russia, Pope John Paul II and Sr Lucia said that it was done. So again, they must be liars.

Lucia has continued to say over, and over while she was alive…it was not done as our Blessed Mother requested.
Pope John Paul 11 admitted publicly,that he didn’t do the consecration properly.[ATTACH]6339[/ATTACH]

Do you have a reference for that?

Possibly a book or a website? Thanks.

The Fourth Secret by Socci:

At any rate, Cardina; Stickler, who was very close to the Pope, confided on November 26, 1987 that the Pope had not been able to perform the consecration, he would have wished ‘the bishops do not obey him.’ And this leads to the intuition that perhaps there is already in progress a silent schism with respect to Catholic truth. Or—as De Lubac said—that Protestantism has triumphed within Catholicism. And the great sign of contradiction is inevitably Mary—who, as the Fatima event demonstrated, hears and assists Popes in every way. Mary is the the ‘vanquisher of all heresies,’ as Cardinal Ratzinger underlined in Maria, Chiesa nascente (p19). P206

The visionary has affirmed (very probably thanks to the apparition of 1985 of which Cardinal Bertone has also hinted) that this act spared the world a catastrophic war that should have erupted precisely in 1985. Naturally we find ourselves on a supernatural plane and thus there is no historical ‘document’ containing this ‘news’. However there are surprising clues: It is startling to reconstruct the situation during the months between 1984 and 1985 in order to understand what happened. P206
*]And here is a disturbing explanation: ‘Given the anxiety of the holy Father, concerning the consecration…and, on the other hand, the scandalous hostility aroused by his request for Episcopal participation in the solemn act of 1984, it can be deduced with moral certainty that until now one thing in particular has impeded the holy Father from ordering the bishops of the universal Church to unite themselves with him in the consecration of Russia: his fear that it could really provoke a formal schism.’ P205
[/LIST]That there was a beneficial intervention of the Madonna, therefore, is what the Pope and the church think. And also Sister Lucia, who then questioned concerning this by Thirty Days, declared: ‘I am completely in accord with what the holy Father has said…I believe this involves an action of God in the world, to liberate it from the danger of an atomic war that could destroy, and an insistent call to all humanity for a more lively faith. Nevertheless, neither she nor the Pope (JP2)has ever maintained that the promise of Fatima has been realized: there is, in fact, not a trace of the ‘conversion of Russia’ and true ‘peace’.P210

In hindsight wouldn’t that make him fallible? If Jesus him self was leading the Roman Pontiff would he not not make a mistake on faith and morals?

There will always be Catholics who don’t believe what the Church teaches. We must pray for them.

The village of Fatima was indirectly named after her. It appears that way back, when the last Moslems were being driven out of Portugal, a local Catholic Spanish prince fell in love with the daughter of the last Islamic chieftan. They married, and she converted to the faith. He renamed the village “Fatima” in her honour. She had in turn been named after Mohammed’s daughter.

Bishop Fulton-Sheen’s hypothesis was that Mary was sent to the Moslems as a sign and pledge to them that they also will one day accept her divine Son also. He further beleived that missionary work to the Moslems needs to emphasise Mary much more than it has.

At Fatima, something much greater than Fatima had come. But Mary is nothing without her divine Son.

Further fuel for thought along this line is that Mary appeared over a church in Zeitoun, Egypt, for about three years between the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur war between Israel and Egypt. As a Jew herself, who had taken refuge in Egypt from Herod, I believe she was appealing for peace. Her message was silent.

But again it was a Moslem country in which she appeared.

Mary would move over to those who would call on her as she levitated in the air, so, if the apparition is true, than it would be a sign that she wants them to ask for her intercession.

i believe this to be so true. I have read much material that it is Our Lady who is preparing the return of Her Son. The first time she was here, she brought Jesus into the world without anyone really knowing who She was. Now, Our Lord wants the glory of His Mother to shine and pave the way to Him for His retrun (whenever that will be.


February 29, 2010 :smiley:

The pope in infallible only on issues of the dogma.

There will be February 29th until 2012.

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