Our Lady of Fatima

may 13 is the feast of Our lady of Fatima

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On this beautiful 94th anniversary day of Our Lady of Fatima, May 13, 2011:

Blessed Pope John Paul II, please pray for us, on this the 30th anniversary of your life threatening injuries at the hand of a gunman in St Peter’s Square…however protected from death by Our Lady of Fatima, as per the words of Pope JP II.

Our Lady of Fatima and Queen Mother Mary, please pray for us.

On this beautiful autumn day of 2012, it is the 95th anniversary of the great miracle of Fatima, the truly staggering event that accompanied Our Lady’s last visit to the three young Portuguese shepherd children in the Cova da Iria, on October 13, 1917. Today, let us turn once again to the Holy Mother Mary and ask for her prayerful assistance in this time of great need!

Also, for those of us who would be interested in reading a recently published, very pertinent book on “The Urgent Marian Message of Hope,” (from authentic Catholic sources), I would sincerely recommend your consideration of FATIMA FOR TODAY, by Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., Ignatius Press, 2010. This compact and easily read publication is a very good overall review of the 1917 Fatima supernatural events and their meaningful application for today’s turbulent world

Having recently read this relatively new product, I believe that it would be an excellent choice for everyone, especially for those who are searching for the full truth regarding the ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ devotion. Fr. Apostoli also includes a good analysis of some of the current, more prominent controversies that still remain swirling around this special devotion to Our Blessed Mother, and becloud her essential messages that accompanied those miraculous events, that are indeed very appropriate and much needed for today’s troubled world.

Our Lady of Fatima and Queen Mother Mary, please pray for us.

Thank you, God bless!:):thumbsup:

I’m sorry , but my belief in Fatima messages has diminished over the years, despite visiting that very beautiful and holy place. I cannot understand what all the secrecy is about the Fatima messages or the need to Concecrate Russia .
Was the original messages all about Communism?

You’ll need to help me on all of this.

Your reading websites which are not in line with what the Vatican says.

Quote: Thus we come finally to the third part of the secret of Fatima which for the first time is being published in its entirety. As is clear from the documentation presented here, the interpretation offered by Cardinal Sodano in his statement of 13 May was first put personally to Sister Lucia. Sister Lucia responded by pointing out that she had received the vision but not its interpretation. The interpretation, she said, belonged not to the visionary but to the Church. After reading the text, however, she said that this interpretation corresponded to what she had experienced and that on her part she thought the interpretation correct. In what follows, therefore, we can only attempt to provide a deeper foundation for this interpretation, on the basis of the criteria already considered.

To save souls has emerged as the key word of the first and second parts of the secret, and the key word of this third part is the threefold cry: Penance, Penance, Penance! The beginning of the Gospel comes to mind: Repent and believe the Good News (Mk 1:15). To understand the signs of the times means to accept the urgency of penance “ of conversion “ of faith. This is the correct response to this moment of history, characterized by the grave perils outlined in the images that follow. Allow me to add here a personal recollection: in a conversation with me Sister Lucia said that it appeared ever more clearly to her that the purpose of all the apparitions was to help people to grow more and more in faith, hope and love”everything else was intended to lead to this.

Let us now examine more closely the single images. The angel with the flaming sword on the left of the Mother of God recalls similar images in the Book of Revelation. This represents the threat of judgement which looms over the world. Today the prospect that the world might be reduced to ashes by a sea of fire no longer seems pure fantasy: man himself, with his inventions, has forged the flaming sword. The vision then shows the power which stands opposed to the force of destruction”the splendor of the Mother of God and, stemming from this in a certain way, the summons to penance. In this way, the importance of human freedom is underlined: the future is not in fact unchangeable set, and the image which the children saw is in no way a film preview of a future in which nothing can be changed. Indeed, the whole point of the vision is to bring freedom onto the scene and to steer freedom in a positive direction. The purpose of the vision is not to show a film of an irrevocably fixed future. Its meaning is exactly the opposite: it is meant to mobilize the forces of change in the right direction. Therefore we must totally discount fatalistic explanations of the secret, such as, for example, the claim that the would-be assassin of 13 May 1981 was merely an instrument of the divine plan guided by Providence and could not therefore have acted freely, or other similar ideas in circulation. Rather, the vision speaks of dangers and how we might be saved from them.
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The next phrases of the text show very clearly once again the symbolic character of the vision: God remains immeasurable, and is the light which surpasses every vision of ours. Human persons appear as in a mirror. We must always keep in mind the limits in the vision itself, which here are indicated visually. The future appears only in a mirror dimly (1 Cor 13:12). Let us now consider the individual images which follow in the text of the secret. The place of the action is described in three symbols: a steep mountain, a great city reduced to ruins and finally a large rough-hewn cross. The mountain and city symbolize the arena of human history: history as an arduous ascent to the summit, history as the arena of human creativity and social harmony, but at the same time a place of destruction, where man actually destroys the fruits of his own work. The city can be the place of communion and progress, but also of danger and the most extreme menace. On the mountain stands the cross ”the goal and guide of history. The cross transforms destruction into salvation; it stands as a sign of history’s misery but also as a promise for history.

At this point human persons appear: the Bishop dressed in white (we had the impression that it was the Holy Father), other Bishops, priests, men and women Religious, and men and women of different ranks and social positions. The Pope seems to precede the others, trembling and suffering because of all the horrors around him. Not only do the houses of the city lie half in ruins, but he makes his way among the corpses of the dead. The Church’s path is thus described as a Via Crucis, as a journey through a time of violence, destruction and persecution. The history of an entire century can be seen represented in this image. Just as the places of the earth are synthetically described in the two images of the mountain and the city, and are directed towards the cross, so too time is presented in a compressed way. In the vision we can recognize the last century as a century of martyrs, a century of suffering and persecution for the Church, a century of World Wars and the many local wars which filled the last fifty years and have inflicted unprecedented forms of cruelty. In the mirror of this vision we see passing before us the witnesses of the faith decade by decade. Here it would be appropriate to mention a phrase from the letter which Sister Lucia wrote to the Holy Father on 12 May 1982: The third part of the ˜secret’ refers to Our Lady’s words: ˜If not, [Russia] will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated.

In the Via Crucis of an entire century, the figure of the Pope has a special role. In his arduous ascent of the mountain we can undoubtedly see a convergence of different Popes. Beginning from Pius X up to the present Pope, they all shared the sufferings of the century and strove to go forward through all the anguish along the path which leads to the Cross. In the vision, the Pope too is killed along with the martyrs. When, after the attempted assassination on 13 May 1981, the Holy Father had the text of the third part of the secret brought to him, was it not inevitable that he should see in it his own fate? He had been very close to death, and he himself explained his survival in the following words: … it was a mother’s hand that guided the bullet’s path and in his throes the Pope halted at the threshold of death (13 May 1994). That here the mother’s hand had deflected the fateful bullet only shows once more that there is no immutable destiny, that faith and prayer are forces which can influence history and that in the end prayer is more powerful than bullets and faith more powerful than armies.

The concluding part of the secret uses images which Lucia may have seen in devotional books and which draw their inspiration from long-standing intuitions of faith. It is a consoling vision, which seeks to open a history of blood and tears to the healing power of God. Beneath the arms of the cross angels gather up the blood of the martyrs, and with it they give life to the souls making their way to God. Here, the blood of Christ and the blood of the martyrs are considered as one: the blood of the martyrs runs down from the arms of the cross. The martyrs die in communion with the Passion of Christ, and their death becomes one with his. For the sake of the body of Christ, they complete what is still lacking in his afflictions (cf. Col 1:24). Their life has itself become a Eucharist, part of the mystery of the grain of wheat which in dying yields abundant fruit. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians, said Tertullian. As from Christ’s death, from his wounded side, the Church was born, so the death of the witnesses is fruitful for the future life of the Church. Therefore, the vision of the third part of the secret, so distressing at first, concludes with an image of hope: no suffering is in vain, and it is a suffering Church, a Church of martyrs, which becomes a sign-post for man in his search for God. The loving arms of God welcome not only those who suffer like Lazarus, who found great solace there and mysteriously represents Christ, who wished to become for us the poor Lazarus. There is something more: from the suffering of the witnesses there comes a purifying and renewing power, because their suffering is the actualization of the suffering of Christ himself and a communication in the here and now of its saving effect.


And so we come to the final question: What is the meaning of the secret of Fatima as a whole (in its three parts)? What does it say to us? First of all we must affirm with Cardinal Sodano: … the events to which the third part of the ˜secret’ of Fatima refers now seem part of the past. Insofar as individual events are described, they belong to the past. Those who expected exciting apocalyptic revelations about the end of the world or the future course of history are bound to be disappointed. Fatima does not satisfy our curiosity in this way, just as Christian faith in general cannot be reduced to an object of mere curiosity. What remains was already evident when we began our reflections on the text of the secret: the exhortation to prayer as the path of salvation for souls and, likewise, the summons to penance and conversion.

I would like finally to mention another key expression of the secret which has become justly famous: my Immaculate Heart will triumph. What does this mean? The Heart open to God, purified by contemplation of God, is stronger than guns and weapons of every kind. The fiat of Mary, the word of her heart, has changed the history of the world, because it brought the Savior into the world ”because, thanks to her Yes, God could become man in our world and remains so for all time. The Evil One has power in this world, as we see and experience continually; he has power because our freedom continually lets itself be led away from God. But since God himself took a human heart and has thus steered human freedom towards what is good, the freedom to choose evil no longer has the last word. From that time forth, the word that prevails is this: In the world you will have tribulation, but take heart; I have overcome the world (Jn 16:33). The message of Fatima invites us to trust in this promise.

JosephCard. Ratzinger
Prefect of the Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Fait

Today is the Feast of Fatima,let us never forget the words that she told too the childern of Fatima. Pray for Peace in the world, and for the Soul,s in Puratory. :gopray:

I hope, for Peter’s sake, Fatima’s message is fulfilled. In reference to the Third Secret, Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI, quotes Our Lady of the Rosary via Lucia:

˜If not, [Russia] will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated." Cardinal Ratzinger takes the preterist position that Fatima is fulfilled.

If not” what? “If not” refers to the Bishop of Rome, Peter, in union with all bishops and with their flocks in attendance, not consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Cardinal Ratzinger’s commentary is truncating this quote. The full message needs to be related for the record, and legitimately so as having first been introduced within the commentary.

Our Lady warned us that God would, “by means of war, hunger and persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father,” use Russia as His chosen instrument of chastisement. She told Lucia and Jacinta (Francisco could see but not hear her) that, “To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart” and promised that, by this public act, Russia would be converted; and that this was the “only means to a period of peace.” She continues:

"If not, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated."

You and I must have become so saturated in blood, famine and bishops martyred with millions of their flocks that we are inured to the continuity of horror, zombies, dead and still walking around, utterly desensitized to the genocide now efficiently, quietly taking place in the womb. Had Our Lady’s 1929 request for the episcopal consecration of Russia by Peter in union with all bishops in their respective cathedrals at one solemn, public time taken place; and had her promised conversion of Russia taken place upon their invitation; and had the promised period of peace taken place; all this horror and the lists of future dead would and will have been avoided entirely. But we pull out the popcorn and watch “Schindler’s List” and WWII movies and “The Killing Fields” with its mountain of skulls without being mindful God would have prevented this had we responded; and now we are desensitized to the horror we think is over. “**Pray the daily Rosary for peace.” **

We cry for a diplomat who formulated the overthrow of Libya with the very people who murdered him. Where are the tears for these millions? How many Catholic bishops have to be beaten to death in Communist China to create docile government churches so we can buy our Chinese junk so the satanic slaughter of female babies in the womb can continue with no one to cry out? Do you really think Ali Agca will be the last papal shooter? Wasn’t Russia selling nuclear materials to Iran in May, 2004? The past is prelude.

*Between **seven and twelve million ***Ukrainians were systematically and deliberately starved to death in Ukraine, the “Bread Basket of Europe”.

Long before there was a Russia, Kyivan Rus’ (Ukraine) was a free and fiercely independent nation. Indeed, it was to Ukraine that Christianity was first delivered by St. Andrew - the First called Apostle - and only much later, from Ukraine, on to Russia. In the 13th century Kvivan Rus’ was decimated by invasions from Asia; and by the time the invaders were driven back, the base of power had shifted North to Muscovy/Moscow. For centuries thereafter, Ukraine was subjugated to Tsarist Russia.


Then in 1918, following the murder of the Tsar and his family by the Communists, the Ukrainians declared Ukraine a free and independent country, just as she was centuries before there even was a Russia.

Communist forces eventually recaptured the land and once again, as in the time of the Tsars, Ukraine would become little more than a part of a larger whole. But as never before in their long history, Ukrainians would be forced to pay a dreadfully high price in their survival as a people. Probably more than other Bolsheviks, Stalin had an exceedingly low opinion of peasants; for he considered them to be incurably conservative and a major barrier to revolutionary change.
Vote wisely and consider the disdain of politicos who characterize conservatives as “gun toting and bible thumping” peasants, yokels.

  • And because Ukrainians were an overwhelmingly peasant people, among whom native nationalism was on the rise, they were doubly vulnerable to his designs. Ukraine continued to be a land of innumerable villages of peasants working the land, with the Orthodox Church and traditional values dominating their lives. Perhaps most galling for the Bolshevik revolutionaries was the fact that the peasant showed little inclination for sharing their dreams of a Communist utopia.*

*Stalin’s plans for industrial expansion were based on the state purchasing cheap grain, from the peasants, which would be sold abroad at a profit; the proceeds would then be used to finance the industrialization of the nation. But the prices that the state offered, often at one eighth of the market price, were so low that the peasants refused to sell their grain. Infuriated by what he called “sabotage”. Stalin ordered an all-out drive for total collectivization. *
Vote wisely and consider assertions, “You didn’t make that business…”
All land and all property, including livestock, were to be taken away from private ownership and given over to the state. Small farms were to be incorporated into huge Collectives. The plan was accompanied by such brutality and horror that it can only be described as war waged by the regime against the peasantry. It was to be one of the most traumatic events in Ukraine history.
Those who resisted most stubbornly were shot. Others were deported to forced labor camps in the Arctic and Siberia. The rest were deprived of all their property - including their homes and personal belongings - barred from the collective farms, and told to fend for themselves.


In the winter of 1929-30 hundreds of thousands of peasants and their families were dragged from their homes, packed into freight trains, and shipped thousands of miles to the north where they were dumped amidst Arctic wastes, often without food or shelter. In this way a large part of Ukraine’s most industrious and efficient farmers ceased to exist…
Vote wisely as America emplaced the Muslim Brotherhood in power in the “Arab Spring.” The Muslim Brotherhood = Hitler’s allies who counseled him to murder, not just imprison, Jews.
“Pray the daily Rosary for peace.” --Our Lady of the Rosary, Fatima, Portugal 1917

I to hope that they will reveil it, but for some reason, they are holding back the last page,which is lock in the Vaction Vauls.

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