Our Lady of Good Success

I recently received some literature from this organization. I am totally unfamiliar with it. Can someone please enlighten me concerning this? :slight_smile: Thank you.

If it has anything to do with Marian Horvat or TIA (Tradition in Action), then it is a hoax.

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Exactly. It’s part of Tradition in Action’s package. TIA are a repellent group known for accusing recent Popes, including Benedict XVI, of looking “demonic”. Avoid them like the plague. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know a little about Our Lady of Good Success.
I watched a few informative YouTube presentations about Our Lady of Good Success and I ordered the abridged “Story of Our lady of Good Success.” Its fully approved by the local Bishop & the Church. Its prophetic and many of the prophecies were for the 20th century and Mother Marianna was asked by Our Lady to offer up a lot of pain and suffering for the “Church” & people of our time seeing how we are and will be faced with many difficult trials.

Its not for everyone. Certain docile souls will see it for what it is (a lifeline from heaven for our time) and others not so much.

There is a powerful novena to Our Lady of Good Success (in the book and online) which I started saying everyday.

Just because you don’t agree with Marian Horvat does not mean that all she says is a “hoax”. I think that is a poor choice of words. I’ll agree that she is “over the edge” with her theories and more than likely sedevacantist. But not all that she says is wrong.

Indeed, the apparition of Our Lady of Good Success has been approved by every local bishop of Quito since 1611.

There is an organization under that title with a website. It seems to distribute traditional Catholic materials according to their website. Much of it appears to be fine; they promote materials, for example, from Pro Multis Media which is perfectly safe. One book they promote is against Paul VI’s beatification (not wrong in and of itself of course), but they do provide a quote about the book which says it proves that the “New Mass” is the “great sacrilege” of our time. I have no idea what the book specifically says; the quote is not part of the actual text of the book. Make of that what you will.

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