Our Lady of Guadalupe Miraculous Image Studies


There have been so many studies on the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and i have failed to find a satisfactory place on the web that shares the most recent discoveries.

Someone said that recent studies talk about a laser test on the image that shows that it actually stands out or sits above the cloth by 1/4 of a millimeter. Thus not touching it at all. Anyone ever hear about this?

I have a solid book on the history of these apparitions and there is no mention of this.



I’m interested in this also. :smiley:

Here’s a lead i found in www.clairval.com:

"The most moving experience of my life

In 1936, an examination conducted on two fibers from the tilma, one red and the other yellow, led to an astounding finding—the fibers contained no known coloring agent. Ophthalmology and optics confirm the inexplicable nature of the Image—it seems to be a slide projected onto the fabric. Closer analysis shows that there is no trace of drawing or sketching under the color, even though perfectly recognizable retouches were done on the original, retouches which moreover have deteriorated with time. In addition, the background never received any primer, which seems inexplicable if it is truly a painting, for even on the finest fabric, a coat is always applied, if only to prevent the fabric from absorbing the painting and the threads from breaking the surface. No brush strokes can be detected. After an infrared analysis conducted on May 7, 1979, a professor from NASA wrote, «There is no way to explain the quality of the pigments used for the pink dress, the blue veil, the face and the hands, or the permanence of the colors, or the vividness of the colors after several centuries, during which they ordinarily should have deteriorated… Studying this Image has been the most moving experience of my life.»"


I’m now off to find something more specific to those findings!
A letter or email to the above website may be a good starting point.

My favorite subject!!
I’m on my way to see the Guadalupe movie this evening.
I became very interested in the image when I visited the Guadalupe shrine in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In fact I became so infatuated with the story that I already have my airline tickets to visit the shrine near Mexico City next spring. I recommend you go to the La Crosse website and check out their shopping section. The book I bought that inspired me contains information about the eye that was examined by an ophlomologist…(who fainted!!!) can be bought at their website
The name of the $12.95 book is, “Handbook on Guadalupe”

what is the name of the movie? is it out in theater? Thanks!

Are you guys also aware that the temperature of the tilma is that of a human body? Also, something can be seen in her eyes, but I am not sure what.

I learned during RCIA that Our Lady of Guadalupe’s eyes reflect the following: one eye reflects the image of St. Juan Diego and the other reflects the image of the Bishop.

I can only speak for California and the answer is yes. The name of the movie is “Guadalupe”.
I was up at 4:00 this morning to go to the Lady of Guadalupe church in Sacramento for “some” of the festivities for this most important day for Mexicans. I am not of Mexican heritage but I was welcomed at their church. Many of the Mexican-Americans started their prayer and music services at 11:00pm December 11 and stayed at the church all night. the prayer and music lasted all night and throughout the next day until the final mass at 7:30 pm. I only stayed 3 1/2 hours for the beautiful music, aztec dancing followed by the Mexicans parading in the garb of Juan Diego and then the mass with the Bishop saying the mass in Spanish. The altar was decorated with a gigantic rose covered christmas tree and throughout the mass people in Mexican costume were bringing roses up to the altar in sacrifice.
There is a thread started in the popular media section about the movie “Guadalupe” so I will now switch over there and add my two cents. Adios!

thank you for the info.

thanks for posting, I have heard of the story numerous times but honestly never seen the picture but your post made me want to look into it.

I think its beautiful but the “horns” at the bottom are a bit strange, what are they supposed to be??

God Bless

Here’s a beautiful description of the image…

The Lady is standing upon the moon. Again, the symbolism is that of the woman of Rev. 12:1 who has the “moon under her feet”. The moon for the Meso-Americans was the god of the night. By standing on the moon, she shows that she is more powerful than the god of darkness. However, in Christian iconography the crescent moon under the Madonna’s feet is usually a symbol of her perpetual virginity, and sometimes it can refer to her Immaculate Conception or Assumption.


I only have one problem with that website, on there it says “I wish a church be built in my honor” when it is that God wishes a church be built in my honor".


I have read a book on Our Lady of Guadalupe thats really inspiring…

It mentioned about the miracle that her eyes are like living human eyes (with depth, following law of optics)–something that should not exist in a mere painting. The book said—its as if her image can see.

I am glad I read this thread because I didn’t know that the temperature of the painting is also like the temperature of a human body.

What a beautiful miracle.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is loved by many people in my country too.

I hope that the movie on Guadalupe will also be shown here. :slight_smile:

Our Lady of Guadalupe is not standing on horns. It is the crescent moon, which has multiple meanings. The Woman in Revelation is one. A second meaning is that the moon was a god to the Aztecs/Mayans - so it is symbolic that she is standing on it (and also ecipsing the sun, another Aztec god).

A question about the movie Guadalupe - isn’t this set in modern times, and in Spanish?

Apocolypto I believe tells the story of the Aztecs just prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico (with OLG following a few years later).

I have the book “Handbook on Guadalupe” and it is excellent. But, of course, it does not mention all the most recent findings, as there are still things being discovered about the image.

A while back, on EWTN, I heard Johnnette Benkovic speak on Our Lady of Guadalupe, and she mentioned a miracle, that I believe happened more than once. It was when a stethescope was put on our Lady’s picture, over her heart, there was a heartbeat heard.

I am sure we have not heard all the wonderful things about this miraculous picture, and we will keep hearing more.

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