Our Lady of Guadulupe~ Unsolved Mysteries


I dreamt of Our Lady of Guadulupe two-three nights ago :slight_smile: :signofcross:

I know this is old news but it is Good News!



Part. 2


Part. 3


The Mysteries of Our Lady of Guadulupe



Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

Have you ever seen her? I was there, in Mexico City…it will be two years ago this summer. Isn’t she beautiful?


abort73catholic- No, but I did see Our Lady of Guadalupe in my dreams a few nights ago. I think that’s absolutely marvelous that you saw Our Lady of Guadulupe in Mexico City two summer’s ago. Yes, she’s absolutely beautiful.

Well, like I stated I dreamt of her a few nights ago. So, I had to find more information about her and that’s why I posted the “story” I posted something else in March.20th. Here it is in case you are curious.

Our Lady of Guadalupe (as sung by Molly Chesna)



I actually have a postcard of the “Virgen de Guadalupe” hanging next to my computer.
Thanks for posting those videos:)

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