Our Lady of Loreto

My daily spiritual readings include the books of the IN CONVERSATION WITH GOD series. Today, 10 December, was noted as the Solemnity of Our Lady of Loreto.

Neither THE DIVINE OFFICE nor MAGNIFICAT magazine had any indication of such a solemnity. My TAN Daily Planner noted that this was the historical date for Our Lady of Loreto.

It may that this is still a solemnity in Spain, where these books were written. Interesting.

Anybody else notice this former solemnity?

Can’t find any celebration (solemnity, feast or memorial) of our Lady of Loreto in our calendar (England) but some research found out it used to be a greater double on 10th December in the Spanish Breviary.

Thank you. The TAN Daily Planner also lists 11 December as “Our Lady, Queen of the Angels (1212), Paris (Historical)”.

My wall calendar is from Eternal Life. It lists several saints etc for each day; most are not even optional memorials. Our Lady of Loreto is listed for 10 December along with Pope St Melchiades.

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