Our Lady of Lourdes


On this feast day, I think of this quote:

“For people of faith, no explanation is necessary.
For people without faith, no explanation is possible.”


This feast is special to me because it is the anniversary of the day I made the De Montfort Total Consecration to Mary. :smiley:


Our Lady of Lourdes… pray for us.
St. Bernadette… pray for us.



On this day 27 years ago I was received into the church :smiley:


not one word about her at Mass this morning. :frowning: :shrug:


Probably because its not a memorial, but an optional day of devotion.



I know, but…

:rolleyes: it’s kind of important don’t you think? :rolleyes:


In the eyes of the Church, apparently its not, otherwise it’d be a memorial.

None of the feast days of the apparitions are memorials. Only those days that follow the dogmas of the Church, are important.

Fact is, as a Catholic, you are not required to believe in the apparitions of Lourdes or Fatima.

You are required to believe in the dogmas, i.e. Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Assumption.



you’re not helping :frowning:


The Lourdes Apparitions (which are approved), are of great importance to the Church. The feast is listed on the calendar.

Why? Because during the Apparitions at Lourdes… Our Lady Herself, confirmed the statements/writings of Pope Pius XII (prior to the Apparitions)… with the words… “I am the Immaculate Conception.” Our Lady confirmed a Doctrine of the Faith at Lourdes.

At the time of the Apparitions at Lourdes, the writings of Pope Pius XII on the subject of Mary’s Immaculate Conception were not yet widely circulated… and certainly unknown to the humble Pyrenian peasant girl… Bernadette Soubirous. She was an illiterate shepardess.

This link might be of interest. God bless.



“Correction”… Pope Pius IX :thumbsup:


Amen! :thumbsup:


Everything has to become an argument, doesn’t it?

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