Our Lady Of Lourdes

It’s her feast day today, but I’ve always been disappointed at the small number of parishes that celebrate it. I feel like a procession.

My first and last parish as a Roman Catholic is both dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. One is the national shrine in the Philippines and is run by Franciscans. The one here by where I live is one of the oldest parishes here but also one of the smallest (about 300 registered families). I believe there is some sort of celebration tonight at the parish. But in the Philippines there is a huge celebration

If you have Facebook, this is the page for the Philippine Shrine facebook.com/photo.php?pid=688755&id=139446072748034#!/pages/National-Shrine-of-Our-Lady-of-Lourdes-Quezon-City/139446072748034

There’s some nice photos there of celebrations through the years.

I’ve written an Akathist to Our Lady of Lourdes which can be found here:


Let me know what you think!

God bless you, Seamus, for your devotion to Our Lady!!


Our pastor spoke to the school children about Our Lady of Lourdes during his homily today. The children were prepared, as always. to answer his questions. It was wonderful.

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

I agree Seamus but thankfully several parishes in my diocese are having a novena week in honour of Our Lady Of Lourdes.
God bless.:extrahappy::extrahappy:

I just returned home from a Holy Hour where I had the privilege of carrying Our Lady in Procession!

I may be joining the Order of Malta in a pilgrimage to Lourdes later this year.

Please pray that I am accepted as a Malade.

:thumbsup: Praying for you!

Few celebrate it because it is an optional memorial. Parishes will rarely celebrate optional memorials unless there is a particular devotion to the subject of the memorial, be it Our Lady of Lourdes or Padre Pio.

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