Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Holy Souls in Purgatory?

Perhaps this question has already surfaced on CAF and perhaps there is an explanation given already.

However, I can’t seem to find it anywhere on CAF…

After receiving a few Prayer cards for the Holy Souls in Purgatory with an image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with the Infant child Jesus sitting on Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s lap it got me thinking and sorry for being so ignorant.

  1. What is the “story” behind this image?

  2. How does Our Lady of Mount Carmel assist in helping the Holy Souls in Purgatory?

  • Yes, I do believe in the intercession of Saints and Our Blessed Mother but isn’t this a Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great? If so, how come the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Infant Child Jesus is on the Prayer card?
  1. Is Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Infant child Jesus handing out a Brown Scapular to a forgotten soul in Purgatory?

Sorry for my ignorant questions all in all I would like to know the story behind the image.

Please, don’t forget our brothers and sisters in Purgatory.

God bless,


may have something to do with the Sabbatine Privilege.

The name Sabbatine Privilege is derived from the apocryphal Bull “Sacratissimo uti culmine” of John XXII, 3 March, 1322. In this Bull the pope is made to declare that the Mother of God appeared to him, and most urgently recommended to him the Carmelite Order and its confratres and consorores. The Blessed Virgin asked that John, as Christ’s representative on earth, should ratify the indulgences which He had already granted in heaven (a plenary indulgence for the members of the Carmelite Order and a partial indulgence, remitting the third part of the temporal punishment due to their sins, for the members of the confraternity); she herself would graciously descend on the Saturday (Sabbath after their death and liberate and conduct to heaven all who were in purgatory. Then follow the conditions which the confratres and consorores must fulfill. At the end of the Bull the pope declares:

Istam ergo sanctam Indulgentiam accepto, roboro et in terris confirmo, sicut, propter merita Virginis Matris, gratiose Jesus Christus concessit in coelis

(This holy indulgence I therefore accept; I confirm and ratify it on earth, just as Jesus Christ has graciously granted it in heaven on account of the merits of the Virgin Mother).

Our first information of this Bull is derived from a work of the Carmelite Balduinus Leersius (“Collectaneum exemplorum et miraculorum” in “Bibliotheca Carmelit.”, I, Orléans, 1752, p. 210), who died in 1483. The authenticity of the Bull was keenly contested especially in the seventeenth century, but was vigorously defended by the Carmelites. The chief opponents of its authenticity were Joannes Launoy and the Bollandist, Daniel Papebroch, both of whom published works against it. Today it is universally regarded by scholars as inauthentic, even the “Monumenta histor. Carmel.” of the Carmelite B. Zimmerman (I, Lérins, 1907, pp. 356-63) joining in rejecting it.

“goforgal” -

In the year 2000 the two branches of the Carmelite order issued a better explanation of the benefits of devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

As to the image on the card…It can be assumed true that those devoted to Our Lady will be aided by her.

It would be most helpful if you and “saveusfromhell” read the information at this site:



The information regarding the “Sabbatine privilege” is given in the above site. Those who make Brown Scapulars available should not base their belief on the “Sabbatine privilege”. I suppose it will take a long time to trickle down so that all will understand better. Please take the time to read the above site.

Blessings in Our Lady of Mount Carmel,


Dorothy as i cut and pasted directly from the new advent encyclopedia, as authentic as you get in catholicism, i still knew in my heart that someone as soon as they saw sabbatine privilige would stop reading and start typing to explain why i was wrong. so i put the link to it right at the top of my post and highlighted the part about the sabbatine privilige being

Today it is universally regarded by scholars as inauthentic

ah well i guess its ironic you finish by saying

Please take the time to read the above site.

again to quote from the same page

It is permitted to the Carmelite Fathers to preach that the Christian people may piously believe in the help which the souls of brothers and members, who have departed this life in charity, have worn in life the scapular, have ever observed chastity, have recited the Little Hours [of the Blessed Virgin], or, if they cannot read, have observed the fast days of the Church, and have abstained from flesh meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays (except when Christmas falls on such days), may derive after death — especially on Saturdays, the day consecrated by the Church to the Blessed Virgin — through the unceasing intercession of Mary, her pious petitions, her merits, and her special protection.

With this explanation and interpretation, the Sabbatine privilege no longer presents any difficulties, and Benedict XIV adds his desire that the faithful should rely on it (Opera omnia, IX, Venice, 1767, pp. 197 sqq.). Even apart from the Bull and the tradition or legend concerning the apparition and promise of the Mother of God the interpretation of the Decree cannot be contested


I apologize if I sounded like I wanted to show you were wrong.

I was attempting to show the new catechesis on the scapular promoted in 2000 by both branches of the Carmelite order. They did this in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

No doubt, Our Lady’s intercession will benefit those in Purgatory that were faithful.

It really makes me wonder with all the “smart” historians, why is that scapular of Pope Gregory X still intact, but his bones are dust? St. John Bosco, St. Alphonsus and their scapulars, did they not read these historians or where they just miss led? I ask myself, is someone trying to tell me something? :slight_smile:

saveusfromhell and Dorothy- Thank you for taking the time to explain all of this to me and for providing the websites.

wildkit- What a beautiful thought indeed.

St. Alphonsa wore a Third Order Franciscan Scapular as well as a Carmelite Scapular…6th picture on the website below:



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I have worn the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel since 1975, and this sacramental has been a source of many blessings for me.

Thanks be to God I wear Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Brown) Scapular too but I have to admit I have never been enrolled – not yet anyways.

God bless,


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