Our Lady of the Angels - Tell me about this feastday


At my parish, the laity are asking other lay people to earn a plenary indulgence on the feast of Our Lady of the Angels. It has something to do with an apparition in 1215. I would like to know more about it other than you must attend Mass between noon on August 1st and midnight on August 2nd. Thank you in advance for any information.


I hadn’t heard of this so I looked a little. Maybe this will help a little.


It helped! I kept getting information about American churches with that name. I went for my every three week confession and lay people kept telling me I needed to go to church during a particular 36 hour period of time now that I have been to confession.


Yes for a plenary indulgence. The aspect that I have trouble with is being free of ALL attachment to sin. Not scrupulous, but it seems like a daunting goal.


So, just do the best you can, and for all you know God may give you a 99 percent partial indulgence.


Yes, the Franciscan connection but I never knew the church went back to the 4th century. "The Porziuncola was built in honor of Our Lady of the Angels in the fourth century, and by St. Francis’ time had fallen into disrepair. ". Ya, 800 years I am surprised it was even still there.


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