Our Lady Please Pray for America & Americans


Our Lady Please Pray for America & all Americans. Amen.



Coincidentally, I just stopped at an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Patroness of the Americas) yesterday - before seeing this post. So, I’ll add my prayer:

Blessed Mother, please intercede for the world, and in particular today, Independence Day, for America - a country who was born of Freedom from another country’s control - only to slowly enslave itself to the freedoms of immorality. Help us in these dreadful times. And may God help and bless America.


Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death…




Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas… and Patroness of the Precious Unborn, pray for us.

O Mary, conceived without sin… pray for your children in the United States. Pray for us, who have been consecrated to you under the Title of “Immaculate Conception”. Amen.


Wishing all Amercian members… and all who desire freedom… a happy Independence Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! :cake: God bless.


It is critical to pray for God’s protection of America, and the conversion of hearts of American people.

Please keep these intentions in your daily prayers, if you will.
We can never put our guard down. We cannot afford another 911. Prayer makes difference. It is every American’s responsibility to pray for the security of our nation and conversion of hearts.

God bless America!


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