Our Lady

What is the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary? is it dogma? and how is it connected to the Assumption?

I think trying to interpret the Coronation of the Theotokos in an earthly way does her dishonor.

She has passed beyond death and judgement. The Resurrection of the Body, for which we all look, has in her case been anticipated, and is an accomplished fact, and she lives totally, soul and glorified body, in the age to come.

There she is forever united with her divine Son, and beholds the Mystery of the Trinity face to face.

What greater crown can be bestowed upon her?

beautifuly put.

It’s even a mystery of the rosary.

Check Ad Caeli Reginam For a beautiful and magnificent exposition of the Queenship of Mary by Pope Pius XII. In it, the greatest luminaries of the East and West are quoted reminding us of the antiquity, and correctness of this valuable doctrine. :slight_smile:

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