"Our Lady's Message of Mercy to The World"

Does anyone know if this is approved? The website is: www.friendsofthemotherofdivinemercy.org

From Vanessa

I came across that same website about a year ago when I was trying to learn more about the book it is promoting. The website seems to be something that someone started but never followed up with. It is the same as it was last year. I am very interested in learning more about the book “Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World”. My mother gave me a copy of this book which she got from a woman at her church. The title of the book on the cover is actually “All Through Mary”. The woman who gave out the book allegedly lives on the eucharist and is not the Olive Dawson discussed on that webpage. The book has been useful to me but I don’t feel like I can fully trust it since I do not know its source. Does anyone know more about this book? The Virgin Mary allegedly imparted messages to the unknown author of the book and if you say a prayer before opening the book you will find a message which is specifically for you. I would also like to get some of the items mentioned in the book - the image of peace, the medal, and the scapular. Does anyone know how to get these in the USA? God Bless.

I use the book ‘Our Lady’s message of mercy to the world’. It’s truly the most amazing book I’ve ever possessed. You have to say a prayer and then open the book. As you start reading the message, you feel so great when you get a message exactly related to your prayer. You get the feeling like you are sitting next to our most blessed virgin Mary. The feeling is just awesome, words are not sufficient to describe it.

Now Lizi, i dont know if the book you are talking about (All through Mary) is the same book but your description of the book makes me feel that it’s the same book. Perhaps someone else printed the book and changed the name but we cant be too sure of that. Moreover if you visit the website friendsofthemotherofdivinemercy.org , it states clearly that,‘No-one has permission to print the book and offer it for sale.’

I’m from Goa, India and I got in touch with this book because Olive Dawson came here to India and told us about it. This lady lives on the Eucharist by the grace and blessing of Our Lady.

You could get the book (Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the world), the image, the scapular, the medal if you write to this address- Friends of Mother of Divine Mercy, 7 Somerset Close, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 4RA, England. The address given on the website differs a little but this is the address printed on the book.

If you need more help please post in here and also if you manage to get the book and other articles, please post so that I know that my distant sister through Jesus Christ has received the blessed book. Take care, God bless:)

As far as I know these apparitions are NOT approved by the Church.

As Jude has wonderfully shown, this “Marian” apparition sows confusion in the Christian heart. Confusion is the work of Satan.

I don’t know whether this book is approved by the church or not. I only know that it is working miracles in my life. Practically every day when I open the book, I experienced a miracle. Now I feel that my whole life is a miracle. Moreover Jesus had said, “Whoever is not against us is for us.”

The scripture goes like this,
John said to him,“Teacher, we saw a man who was driving out demons in your name, and we told him to stop, because he doesn’t belong to our group.” “Do not try to stop him,” Jesus told them, "because no one who performs a miracle in my name will be able soon afterwards to say evil things about us me. For whoever is not against us is for us. I assure you that anyone who gives you a drink of water because you belong to me will certainly receive his reward.
Mark 9: 38-41.

The last thing the Most Holy Theotokos said as recorded in the Gospels is, “Whatever my Son says to you, do it.”

Does she really need to say more?

Satan often appears under the guise of Mary, and even Jesus to sow the seeds of discontent and divide the faithful who get so easily sucked into UNAPPROVED apparitions and messages.
The test is whether these alleged apparitions cause controversy and divide the faithful. If they do then almost certainly Satan is behind them.

Nope! But God permits her to go to nations under her Queenship, to remind them of the gospel, essentially assisting the Church in proclaiming the gospel and helping her children live by it.

That’s absolutely right…I agree tat we must live by the gospel n follow it…But how many of us Catholics actually do that??? This is why God allows Mother Mary to go to the nations and renew our faith. Whatever is given in this book(Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World) is just the follow up of the Holy Bible. So it cannot be Satan in disguise because Satan will never tell the world to follow the Bible. One thing is certain that the doubts and controversy that is caused in our minds is caused by Satan…

You cannot make that determination. It is only the Church that can decide if an apparition is genuine or not and very few have ever been approved.
Stick to the approved ones!

Could you provide an official statement of sorts, or a page with a list of (un)approved apparitions? The only page I could find now quickly was marypages.com and they seemed to have nothing at all about this thing. This is also the only thread on the whole forum about this, apparently. I personally use it on a daily basis for the last year and I find it has helped me immensely to grow in holiness and guiding my life closer to the Lord - through Mary.
Now, I got here, because I was talking with another friend of mine and he had rather the opposite experience with the book, to some degree at least. In particular he takes issue with the image that comes with this devotion - which is rather unusual and strange in some ways: it has a black background, the whole picture is out of focus, it’s kinda blurry, and Our Lady is supposed to stand on a cloud of cherubim but neither of us ever saw anything like an angel in there. I personally thought it just looked like a cloud, where as he says he can see demons in it, which is why he’s rather dodgy about the whole thing. Also the language in the book is strange, at first I thought it was a bad translation from another language; I was rather surprised when I found out it came from a native English speaker. Another thing my friend said - and I kinda noticed it myself - was that it is almost totally focused on Our Lady, and speaks very little of Jesus. Not that there is anything really wrong with that I guess? Or is that rather un-“Our Lady”-like, perhaps? All the same, as I said, I have found it very beneficial. But what is the point of having something in my life, that is only beneficial, if it isn’t really from God, when I could use the time this devotion takes up, in another way that lead me even closer to God! And I think I know the answer to this one, but anyway: where exactly is the difference between approval of the apparition, and the Impramatur + Nihil Obstat in the “Blue Book”? I guess they simply state that what is written in it, isn’t against anything the Church teaches. But that doesn’t make it approved, nor the messages from Our Lady or Heaven or the like.

Everyone in this thread seems to be exited about it: medjugorje-online.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7165&sid=9aeb3160166630f3a8de742497860a22
and this person here seems to be very much influenced by it as well: providencespeaks.com/?p=9

Sorry for the long post, I always like to go on a bit it seems :wink:
Thanks in advance for any replies and your efforts!
God bless in Jesus and Mary

In my quest for the truth about Medjugorje, I came across a good rule of thumb for us lay people and apparitions.

When Satan appears as Mary or Jesus, he can be 99% accurate. It’s the 1% confusion and inaccuracy he does.

Not saying that about this particular apparition. Maybe it’s the result of an overactive imagination or personal reflection. Even then, because we aren’t perfect, there’s going to be error in her visions and locutions.

The test, I believe, is whether the apparitions and messages meet certain conditions set down by the Church: If they are doctrinally sound, and determined to be of supernatural origin. There are several things they look for in an investigation of any private revelation. CONFUSION, on the other hand is definitely caused by Satan. Satan has caused confusion and discord in ALL of the APPROVED private revelations and apparitions. There is none that I can find throughout history that he HASN’T thrown a wrench into. Satan wants nothing more than to derail any help from heaven for God’s children. As far as I have investigated, there has been confusion and controversy in ALL OF THEM. I wouldn’t “yeah or ne” anything until the Church does her work. There is good reason for the Church taking it’s time in their investigating any of them. Some are false and Satan is certainly behind it. Some that are true, he will ALWAYS cause confusion and discord with.

He has his fingerprints on all of them one way or another. Our job (the job of the Church) is to figure out which ones are true and which ones are not. That’s why the Church tells us to remain nuetral until they are able to determine.

Olive Dawson is coming to speak at my church tonight. Our pastor is very traditional and obedient to the bishop, so I don’t think he would have anything that was completely crazy. I will let you all know how it was tomorrow.

The evening was very interesting. There was a Mass before the talk, but I did not know about that ahead of time and so missed it which was disappointing.

Mrs. Dawson’s talk was all about Jesus and our relationship with him. She talked about the importance of the Mass and our preparations for it and disposition during it. It was insightful and completely within the norms of church teaching. She also talked about the importance of the rosary and adoration as private prayer.

After her talk people went up to be blessed by the blessed scapular she had brought. They also gave away the book, “All through Mary”, a copy of the image that the visionary saw, and a scapular. Nothing was sold.

The book and other materials were approved by the Bishop of Dublin (which is where the visionary is from). Olive Dawson is not the visionary, she is associated with her though. Mrs. Dawson has been given the grace to subside completely on the Blessed Sacrament. It is this miracle that brings people in to hear about God and the Church.

As private revelation, we are not required to believe anything about the visions. However, the message given by Mrs. Dawson was completely in line with Church teaching.

Finally, we have confessions on Wednesday evenings anyway, so it was nice to see the lines that formed immediately and that people were still going in even when I left.

Olive Dawson promotes this Book on behalf of her brother David Smyth who is the author. The church has not approve this devotion. The book carries a declaration that it is free from doctrinal error. This devotion originated in Dublin, Ireland some years ago and ran into trouble when Olive Dawson appointed Fr Dennis Ward OSB spiritual director. (He sometimes calles himself Don Francisco) He turned out to be a Con Man well know to the cops in Dublin. David Smyth has received many messages over the years and this Book is only a small sample of same. Apparently he sees and hears his Guardian Angel on a very regular basis.

I know this is “only a blog”, but I found it very interesting.



We are called to carefully discern visions, locutions, etc.

Stick with the approved ones.

it would be cool if this was true, but I don’t know…

I think we should just stick with the approved private revelations, just to be safe and as a sign of our humble submission and obedience to the Church :slight_smile: (cause this really pleases God.)

If someone has been helped by this book…it could always be that Our Lady still used it in their life even though it has no divine origin. God can use ANYTHING. I’d say the same to those who were affected by Medjugorje… (we don’t know at the moment if it’s true or not, as its not yet approved…I’m waiting for a statement from the Vatican). He can use anything to help a person because of their faith, but it doesn’t mean it’s from Him.

There is a nice little video of Olive Dawson on youtube.com. You will notice Olive blessing people with something and a man holding a picture for people to kiss. Well as it happens this ‘Picture’ is considered a precious relic (holy object) in this Devotion. When the devotion split in two after the Dennis Ward OSB debacle Olive took this Picture (which is considered almost as Holy as the Book she promotes) and it has become a central plank in her ministry. But her brother David Smyth wants it back for his Dublin operation. So do the decent thing Olive. You know it makes sense! Or you could simply share it. Six months in either Camp. Im sure theres enough Holiness to go around. Plenty for everyone!

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