Our Last Chance Unity of Mankind in Diversity of Love?

I greet all readers of this thread with Devotion to Gods Love.

It is apparent that the World is sick and in need of Gods Healing. This thread is just to share Love

That is your Love for God.

I was reading Words from God This morning and it crossed my mind that we have so complicated Religion, that we can not share what it is all about the way it should be shared.

Why is it that even the most unlettered of people can Love God without the written knowledge. Why was it the first believers in Christ we not of learned knowledge?

It has to be that Acquired Knowledge can indeed become a barrier to the Pure Love of God.

It is apparent in the world, it is apparent in oh so many threads on the Forum, that Knowledge has extinguished the Love that is shared across Lovers of God in all faiths.

If you Love God Share it here. Please do not Share your rejection of any one Else’s Love of God. What harm is there in this, that we move on in life Loving God which means we love each other without fear of deception or threat of conversion?

God Bless all and Regards Tony

Love of God for a Christian means a “relationship”. That was the purpose of Christ’s coming; to once again bring us into union with God. Each part of the Christian liturgy is geared to bring us more into relationship with God, through Word and Eucharist. Each of the sacraments bring us into a closer relationship.

Feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, visiting the imprisoned, comforting the sick and dying, giving shelter to the homeless… all of these are ways in which we are in relationship with God and show our love for God.

Through prayer, silence, meditation and contemplation we converse and sometimes simply gaze upon our beloved and rest in his arms.



Thank you for your reflections Steve - May your Love be shared with others :thumbsup:

God Bless and Regards Tony

I started a thread to say good bye, it disappeared :shrug:

So Good bye all - May God Bless you

Regards Tony

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