Our Law Enforcement Is Mentally Suffering

He mentions dealing with all the normal things LEOs deal with, and the additional problems many face now, along with those of color who may not be directly involved with rioters but who feel the same sentiments from some of those they know.

He does not mention the fear a lot of them must feel amidst calls for reduced LE funding, but I imagine that would be a problem also.


The police I know are struggling, in part, because of those in the profession who are abusing their authority. Like priests. Most of them are wonderful and selfless, and their names are being hurt by those who shouldn’t be in law enforcement.


Yeah, we live in a society where if someone dislikes a specific group of people and what they do/represent, they use the faults of the few as a sort of label to the group as a whole despite the majority of them being good people.

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