"...our Lord remains in heaven just as much the Son of Mary..."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Listening to the wisdom God shares with His Saint, Louis de Montfort:

  1. Were I speaking to the so-called intellectuals of today, I would prove at great length by quoting Latin texts taken from Scripture and the Fathers of the Church all that I am now stating so simply. I could also instance solid proofs which can be read in full in Fr. Poir’s book “The Triple Crown of the Blessed Virgin”. But I am speaking mainly for the poor and simple who have more good will and faith than the common run of scholars. As they believe more simply and more meritoriously, let me merely state the truth to them quite plainly without bothering to quote Latin passages which they would not understand. Nevertheless, I shall quote some texts as they occur to my mind as I go along.

  2. Since grace enhances our human nature and glory adds a still greater perfection to grace, it is certain that our Lord remains in heaven just as much the Son of Mary as He was on earth. Consequently He has retained the submissiveness and obedience of the most perfect of all children towards the best of all mothers.

We must take care, however, not to consider this dependence as an abasement or imperfection in Jesus Christ. For Mary, infinitely inferior to her Son, who is God, does not command him in the same way as an earthly mother would command her child who is beneath her. Since she is completely transformed in God by that grace and glory which transforms all the saints in him, she does not ask or wish or do anything which is contrary to the eternal and changeless will of God. When therefore we read in the writings of Saint Bernard, Saint Bernardine, Saint Bonaventure, and others that all in heaven and on earth, even God himself, is subject to the Blessed Virgin, they mean that the authority which God was pleased to give her is so great that she seems to have the same power as God. Her prayers and requests are so powerful with him that he accepts them as commands in the sense that he never resists his dear mother’s prayer because it is always humble and conformed to his will.

Moses by the power of his prayer curbed God’s anger against the Israelites so effectively that the infinitely great and merciful Lord was unable to withstand him and asked Moses to let him be angry and punish that rebellious people. How much greater, then, will be the prayer of the humble Virgin Mary, worthy Mother of God, which is more powerful with the King of heaven than the prayers and intercession of all the angels and saints in heaven and on earth. — from “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”

Holy Mary, Mother of God and of His Church, pray for us.


Dear TK,

Thanks for your “heart” which lets us know you read and appreciated the words God gave to His servant, St. Louis de Montfort, in writing his treatise on “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”. I cannot tell you how many times, I’ve read this little book and continue to be blessed by God’s work in St. Louis de Montfort – and been encouraged in my Faith that God does indeed “work ALL things unto good for those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose” (cf Rom 8:28).

If you have not read this treatise, I hope you will continue to follow these threads and/or click on the link to read the online version or even purchase an inexpensive paperback edition to keep for yourself that you can underline and re-read as God inspires you to do; see HERE

Dear OScarlett,

Thanks for your “heart” - again! So happy to see you came back for more. :slight_smile: May you continue to be blessed.

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I really enjoy these threads. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, dear OScarlett! It is a blessing for me too, just slowing down to read a little at a time. In listening more carefully to ponder the words, hopefully many of us are learning more, as St. Louis de Montfort learned to listen and ponder from Jesus through Mary. :slight_smile:

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The way you break it down into little chunks of reading at a time makes it so beneficial for us. I used these to supplement my reading in preparation for my consecration. Thanks for doing this.

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There’s are many beautiful passages in “The Glories of Mary” which touches on this God-given power of Mary to obtain whatever she asks from God. Here is one:

And now, if Mary is so good to all, even to the ungrateful and negligent, who love her but little, and seldom have recourse to her, how much more loving will she be to those who love her and often call upon her! She is easily found by them that seek her (Wisd. vi. 13.) “O, how easy,” adds the same Blessed Albert, “is it for those who love Mary to find her, and to find her full of compassion and love!”.

“Ah, most sweet Mary!” exclaimed the Venerable John Berchmans, of the Society of Jesus, “blessed is he who loves thee! If I love Mary, I am certain of perseverance, and shall obtain whatever I wish from God.” Therefore the devout youth was never tired of renewing his resolution, and of repeating often to himself: “I will love Mary; I will love Mary.”

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That was awesome, especially the example of Moses. It fills in some mortar between the bricks of our faith.

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Dear Camehome4john6,

Yes, as I wrote in reply to OScarlett it is a blessing for me too, slowing down. It is good to listen to a little at a time, in order to ponder and pray better.

St. Teresa of Avila gave good advice to her sisters in telling them to pray with “Attention and Devotion” that is, she explained how important it is to know: 1) to Whom we are speaking 2) who we are, as we speak to Him and 3) what we are saying! St. Teresa had a great sense of humor and so she added: If we do not pay attention and are not devoted to the One to Whom we are speaking, we may be moving our lips but we are not praying! Ah the wisdom of the saints! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, patricius. How good to learn from our saints their own devotion to Mary! God has created each of us as unique and unrepeatable persons, and so each saint reflects more of Him and His Love for Mary and His Great Mercy in giving her to us.

“O Jesus living in Mary, come and live in your servants, in the spirit of Your holiness, in the fullness of Your power, in the perfection of Your ways, in the truth of Your virtues, in the communion of Your mysteries. Rule over every adverse power, in Your Spirit, for the glory of the Father. Amen.” – Prayer of Fr. Olier


Thanks for your reply, Nihilo. St. Louis de Montfort often helps us to see how both Old and New Testaments help us to know God’s Plan for us. One of the reasons I continue to read and ponder the works of St. Louis de Montfort is because he is so steeped in Sacred Scripture as well as Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church. I hope you will continue to read True Devotion and look into his book on the “Love of Eternal Wisdom” and other works.

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