Our Mother of Perpetual Help


I really want to learn more about this icon and the devotion. I don’t really understand, is this an Eastern Catholic devotion, or Western, or both? :confused: I know the basic story behind it from wikipedia, and I know the feast day is June 27th, but that’s about it… I’d love to learn more though :slight_smile:

God bless :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how it plays out in the Eastern church, but it’s certainly a VERY popular devotion in the Latin churches around these parts. And Latin homes and schools as well (I myself have an icon of OLPH in my home).

Most every church will have an icon of OLPH somewhere, and several of them hold weekly (even twice-weekly) public novena prayers where her intercession is sought. It’s basically a prayer service in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament, so concludes with Benediction as well.

The service basically consists of the singing of a few hymns, the saying of a few prayers, a reading from scripture and short reflection by the priest, and the reading of some intercessions (there’s a box in the back of the church - people write down their prayer requests for OLPH and put them in, some are read, others are grouped together ‘for all the sick’ ‘for all those in financial need’, things like that)


Well, I recommend the following websites.

If you want to buy prints of the miraculous icon that have touched the original icon, informative books and novena booklets or prayer cards visit.
liguori.org/ and look at the Mother of Perpetual Help section.


The Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help is one of the oldest in the History of the Church. So you can find is both in the East and West. However, Pope Pius IX commissioned the Redemptorist Congregation to propagate the devotion. In most Redemptorist parishes, there is devotion to Our Mother of Perpertual Help. In Nigeria, this devotion is mostly on Wednesdays.

To learn more about the Our Mother of Perpetual Help visit cssr.com/english/whoarewe/iconstory.shtml


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