Our Muslim brothers and sisters

I find the way you offer your daily prayers beautiful. The recitation and prostration is amazing to me. With that being said, if you were to see me, as a faithful Catholic, doing the same motions reciting Catholic prayers, would you find that offensive?

How Christian of you to worry about the sensibilities of a faith who on one end call us Nazarenes so as to diminish Our Lord, lops off the heads of fellow Christians, forces Christian women into sexual slavery, and on the most moderate end won’t do anything about the extremists and still supports the destruction of Israel.

Catholic were using prostration in worship long before Islam existed and many still do now.

Yep. The trouble is Christians need to be reminded of this, which is a shame.


Islam didn’t create this recitation & prostration you speak of.

Mohummad copied many of the actions & movements from the Arabian Jews.

Go on youtube and search for Jewish prayer prostration. Then compare it to Islamic prostration - you’ll see many and I mean many similarities in the movements.

I didn’t say they created anything. And I know other religions have used it before them. But it is much more prevalent and associated with Islam since it is the second biggest religion in the world. I was referencing to the exact way they do it since it is most associated with Islam. I appreciate your input tho and will definitely check out the videos you suggested.

Oh, and while Muslims may be our fellow human beings made in the image and likeness of God, they, along with other non-Christians, are not our brothers and sisters.

The only thing that makes us brothers and sisters is a common baptism.

There’s an argument that the Arabs learned to pray like that via Syriac monks. Whether they had in turn picked up or inherited Jewish postures for prayer, I don’t know.

Yeah posts like this aren’t tolerated. Please, don’t post anything like this again.

Interesting… I’ll have to check into that too.

Then I suggest you use the “Report bad post” button.

But what I have written is the truth. By our mere existence, we are God’s creatures. Only through adoption do we become God’s children. We partake in Christ’s sonship through baptism only. That is what makes us brothers; because we are children of a common Father.

Protestants are our brothers. Orthodox are our brothers. Muslims are not. JW’s are not. Mormons are not. Jews are not. Unbaptized atheists are not.

Do you have anything to say that relates to the original post? If not, get off your holy high horse and stop posting please. This isn’t a debate on who is what and how is who. You have as much right to post what you want, but please, don’t post here anymore.

It’s not offensive. You can go do some jumping jacks while praying for all I care. What you do is your business.

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