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Ok, I like to do volunteer work but although I like people, I also love animals. Now, when jesus said to help those in need, I don’t think he specified people, did he? I like to help animals. I like support organizations like ASPCA and Humane Society. I like to donate to them. To me, pets are something to be treasured. Besides kids, they display love and affection like no one else. They give you unconditional love. I believe they are angels sent by God to give comfort to those that are lonely and we should love them. I myself have my two cats and want dogs some day when I am ready. also want horses and some birds. Yes, I am an animal lover. I am not a vegeterian, because I do like to eat meat, but I do support causes like stopping animal abuse, having pets spayed and neutered, having them taken to the vet. Someone told me I was not christian because I have my cats. I don’t worship my cats. I treat them almost like family except they have their own food. I only worship God. Anyone else feel this way?


I’m a cat mommy to two beautiful cats! I said this in another thread, but my cats brought me back to the Catholic faith. No human can show unconditional love, we can try, but we will always fail. They are happy with the simple things (food, love, a nice bed), they don’t worry about what they can’t control. I try to learn from them, plus they love the Rosary!


I’m the dad of two dogs, and several fish. I feel the excat same way as the two posters above. No matter what is going wrong in my life, my releationships, anything, my Bichon Frise and Boxer are always there for me. I can rely on them to be my best friend, my protector, everything.

They ask for so little, and give so much. Everyone should be so lucky.

I truly don’t understand people who don’t like animals.

I have pictures of my two boys on my profile.


It looks like animals are your special gift since you volunteer so much for them. Those animals will bring lots of love and company into the lives of others, so go for it. With that sort of love for animals I think you would also have a great compassion for people too. In this huge society we all have different gifts to contribute.

I love animals too but can’t keep them myself because I am allergic to feathers and hair. My sister makes up for it by volunteering to help injured wild animals. Her family has four dogs, a rabbit, birds, fish and about 50 guinea pigs (she breeds them).


I feel this way. That animals are here to help us along in many ways. But, they are not angels, they are animals. Most of what you said about animals would be considered anthropomorphous. Animals, both wild and domestic, are wonderful. But they should not be held up to the same level as our fellow humans. But, I also feel that you can tell alot about a persons character. By observing the way they treat their animals.



Animals are great and we are to be good stewards and treat them as God’s creation. Have you ever studied St. Francis and his love of animals?

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