Our Place in the Universe

Does our place in the universe have anything to do with God’s love or with God?

Considering God created with purpose and for a purpose, yes.

It’s possible to think He just threw time and the physical together for no reason, but that would be discounting purpose from God. Probably not reality with God.

This could bend into what I find a very interesting topic and that is how important earth is and our lives on it.

I think a lot of people look at thier time on earth as just a thing they have to get through. Not realizing the importance of their existance now.

I find Lee Strobel’s book “The Case for a Creator” very fascinating, and it helps to answer your question about our position in the universe. Take a look at this video made from the book, starting at about the 33 minute mark.

Define “place in the universe.”

In relation to the magnitude of the universe, neither our bodies nor our world amount to much at all, not even a dropped decimal point. Yet God Himself chose to become one of these minuscule earthen bodies!

If by “place in the universe” you mean in relation to things like aliens, there is no point in even conjecturing such until aliens are discovered. Since that may never happen, we are left with God becoming one of us :):).


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