Our priest is awesome

Tonight he made time to hear my confession right before the Maundy Thursday service so I could receive Communion. No complaints or irritation whatsoever, just said, Fine, I’ll be right with you.
I am so sad he is retiring in June. He is 76 and from Ireland. I love him dearly.

That is so nice of you to go in a forum and say that!

Yeah? Well MINE IS BETTER!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love hearing good stuff about our priests. They work so hard and are sooooo under appreciated. Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

As long as folks are talking up their priests I’ll throw in a word for our FSSP priest Fr. Gerard Saguto. I know, we were lucky to get him from back in the mid-west. He was experienced with parish building and so was brought to Seattle. He is alone here, no other priest to help. He celebrates Mass 7 days a week. No day off that I can see. He gives catchesis, confessions, works with the youth, and Lord knows what else.

And his sermons are fantastic. several of us have asked Fr. Berg, the Superior General, for an assistant for him and we’ve received a positive answer.

May we be given many more like him. God Bless all priests.

I would ask, Have you told him this? I just recently sent an email to my Pastor thanking him. His reverence lead to a conversion of my heart. From pew warming Catholic to involved Catholic. While you have a great example ensure you appreciate them.
They love to hear the good news as we do.
As my Pastor told me, “Your email could not have come at a better time.” he had ‘one of those days’ and needed a pick me up.
It’s so awesome that you recognize him.

How blessed all of you are! We are not nearly as fortunate with our pastor (the only priest), but I am praying that we will soon have someone like the priests you describe! And it’s wonderful that you have let them know how much you appreciate them!

I’ve only been to NAM twice but both times Father Saguto was amazing! He gives fantastic advice in the confessional, too.

That is great to hear that your priest heard your confession. God bless the Catholic Priests.

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