Our responsability, but to which degree?

well, just to make it simple, let me use as an example that i think covers pretty much my personal situation about this, the Conan the Barbarian movie series, there was this childs cartoon called Conan the adventurer, and another one like that.

so do you think the ones that made that series could be responsible of luring the kids into looking at the original books and movies or was it not bad, kinda like saying, the original one is not suited for you, but here, you can have this at least, and if the children looked for the original one was their parents and their fault.

you know, it might seem nonsense, but like i said I have a reason behind this, i just found it easier to explain with that.

You’re not making it simpler. What are you trying to ask?

I think the OP means that if there was Televison Show XYZ that contained things explicit for children to watch/read, but a spinoff, XYZ Kids, was made for children and though it might have had some characters or aspects, was not inappropriate, would it be the fault of the creators of XYZ Kids if the children who watched it got curious and watched XYZ and became corrupted?

That’s clearer, thanks.

I suppose it would depend. If show XYZ was an action movie with graphic violence (thus appropriate for adults but not appropriate for kids) and a spinoff XYZ Kids was made with the same characters but in a kid appropriate manner, then I’d say no.

However, if show XYZ was a porno (thus neither appropriate for kids nor adults) and someone made XYZ Kids with the porno characters but without the sex, then I’d say yes.

oh, thanks for your answers and for clearing it up, i tought i was making it easier with that example.

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