Our resurrection from the dead

I have some odd questions about the resurrection of our own bodies at the end of time. When God resurrects us, will we be naked or clothed? After all, our cloths that we were buried with will have been longed decayed. I have always envisioned coming out of the grave in very bright white robes or will God take our graves up to Heaven (or hell, as the case may be) and resurrect us there. Since we will get our bodies back but in a glorified state, we will still have our senses of taste, see, hear, smell and touch. Will we get additional senses? I know that no one really knows the answers but it is fun to speculate.


The graves, coffins and burial clothes would be left behind. As would things like the metal eyelid caps worn in death. They are part of the earth, as are we prior to resurrection.

I don’t know about you, but I hope to be barefoot, from the neck down :):):slight_smile:

And while there is no way to know, I’d imagine that we would get an upgrade on our sense modes, as well as our limbs (able to move with the speed of the mind). We will have (or
be) spiritual bodies, as well as human bodies, which opens up a whole new realm of sensation. Certainly we’d at least have the other senses available to the other species in natural life.


Yeah, I’ll probably have to wear a bag over my ugly mug, too… :sad_yes:

Nope. Everyone will see each other with the eyes of God, meaning that we will all be infinitely beautiful to one another.

I’ve always imagined we’d be in the same state as Adam & Eve before the Fall: nekked as jaybirds with all our senses intact.

Except it’s spelled “nekkid”. :):):slight_smile:


I Really don’t care if dressed or not,I’m offering up my existence to God ,just to find out


I remember a priest once told me when this happens everyone will have bodies of a healthy early to mid 20s person, there will be no overweight people, no defects of any kind with these bodies.

One thing I have wondered is how the bodies of the damned will look, according to the verses about this, it seems like both the saved and damned will be together on the earth, for a short time at least.

Its also interesting to think about the final battle on the Megido field, I cannot imagine that many people all in one place at one time!

The pious belief is that we’ll all be at our prime, approximately 33, the age Jesus died and was glorified. It’s also about the right age where we are fully mature (our mental development is still not complete in the 20s), and after which the signs of age start to set in.

I think the general belief is that the bodies of the damned will also be restored to a perfect natural state as well, but they will not be glorified. These bodies will share in the eternal punishment.

Here from the Catechism:


I’ve been to Megiddo/Armageddon; it’s a quaint agricultural valley at the foot of Mount Tabor in the Galilee. Looking down on the green circular irrigation fields, so much like we have in parts of TX, I wondered what the local citizens think of the prophetic interpretations about the place.


Ive seen video and pictures of the place, it sure looks big enough for that final battle.

We will be clothed. We are not farm animals. :slight_smile:

“And he said to him, ‘Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding garment?’ And he was speechless.”
(Mt 22:12)

My ’ prime’ was definitely before 33. That was the year I started having health problems. When you think about it everyone’s ‘prime’ will be different because we are not all the same. Physical prime isn’t the only thing. A person continues to learn and grow in wisdom over the years.

Since I have been watching Star Trek let me rephrase things in Star trek terms just for fun. When we die our pattern gets stored in the transporter buffer where we wait in a temporary condition until the Resurrection when Jesus rematerializes us. :smiley:

Or, rather, like when Marty Mc Fly goes over the bridge in 1885, wherever “he” is during those 100 years, he didn’t feel it.

We’d have the same, except with bodies rather than flux capacitors.


Except that in the pattern buffer you are still aware and conscious (and can pray for people). :smiley:

It’s bound to screw up property values.

Why would the glorified bodies be clothed?

I doubt these bodies will even have functional gender organs, in the way we think of them anyway, what would be the purpose, a glorified body will not need food or drink, so really it would not need the organs related to getting rid of ‘material’, nor will anyone be reproducing anymore, so no need for useful sex organs.

Plus covering them up, would imply people are somehow ashamed, I doubt this will be true

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