Our Soldiers...


Just wondering if anyone else out there knows someone who has been sent overseas to Iraq… My boyfriend is over there. Left about a month ago and still has 11 more to go… *sigh I miss him! :frowning:


after reading your post, I did a prayer for your boyfriend to be safe and to be close to God at all time. :slight_smile:

God bless.


Thanx water… I really appreciate that…:slight_smile:


Hi water,
I do not personally know anyone that is over there, but i really do feel for the people that has family over there.
Its felt in a lot of countries at the moment with people that have loved ones in iraq and afghanistan.
I just hope and pray everyone makes it home safe.


Singinbeauty, your post made me sad a bit - I will pray for your boyfriend, to be strong and to safely return home. and I will pray for you, to stay awake in prayer for him and for the two of you.



I have 2 nephews and 2 close family friends there. When you talk to your boyfriend tell him I said THANK YOU.:thumbsup:


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