Our son is on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

How exciting! Our Navy son is on a week long ‘cruise’ aboard the Eisenhower. He’s attached to a training squadron, and they’re going out for about a week so the pilots can practice take off and landing from the deck of a ship.

Since ds is new and doesn’t have flight deck qualifications yet (he’s an airframe mechanic), he won’t be on deck. He thinks he may end up in the galley. He doesn’t care though, he’s just glad to finally get on a carrier.

Proud Navy mom at home watcing the Army/ Navy game!

BravoZulu to him! And GoNavy! (we’re winning…!)

My DH spent 5 years on Ike. We’re almost done with shore duty and we’re looking to head back for another tour on Ike. Hope your son enjoys his time there!

KCT, God bless your son and everyone on that ship! I’ll bet your son is so proud and happy to be working in any capacity on such an awesome boat. I have a new Marine, my oldest son, who is now in Pensacola at the Naval Air Station there. He will be learning aviation mechanics and just found out last week that because he did so well on his personal fitness during boot camp, that he can learn to parachute, scuba dive, and take part in rescue mission work, too. He is so excited. I’m a bit nervous about all of it, but he’s happy. I just keep praying like I’ve been doing for many years. I’ll be praying for your son, too! And for you!

Huge congratualtions to you and your son!! What an impressive accomplishment. Does your son like Pensacola? (or P-cola as I’m told it’s called!)

I got 2 text messages from ds on Sunday. One saying they were under way, and another shortly after, saying, "This is so cool!"
I understand they can’t use cell phones aboard, so we don’t expect to hear again until they get back next week.

I hope you son does well and enjoys military life! --KCT

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