Our Spot In Hell!

The Devil has a place prepared in HELL for each of us sinners.
So my Sisters and Brothers, let us PRAY for one another that we may turn away from sin, and also pray for the conversion of Souls!

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Wow, what an article. Thanks for the post! God bless all of you!

Amen! Let us meditate on that and pray for each other constantly brothers and sisters!!

satan and his servants are working hard. But let it not bother us or grap our attention.
One thing is certain. We do not win salvation but Christ has won it for us. And the Bible says He is our Justification. Halleluja.

as is also written: fear not little herd for your Dad in heaven has decided to give you the Kingdom.

There is no room for fear in love. Only trust, freedom… and more love …


As our Faith matures(Cor), one grows to love God and mature away from the fear of God that makes up the primary message of the OT. As one reads, he finds the OT gradually makes a transition from the fear of God to the love of God, and describes how one is even more blessed by that change in attitude.

So there is substance in fearing God, if for many reasons, for a primary foundation to keep one in check until he merits the graces to increase in Love. Only then can he release this tie and show his true expression to his Father.


Some fear is good too.

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