Our suffering can help save souls


I was listening to Father Corapi’s Holy Week talks and he mentioned something I’ve heard before (even from Scripture in Paul’s writings) that when we suffer, when we endure an inconvenience, if we endure that it can mean the difference between a soul somewhere getting the help he/she needs to make it into heaven. If someone asked you how this works, what would you say?

I feel like the answer is in the singularity of the Body of Christ, as Scripture says when one member suffers, all suffer but when one rejoices all rejoice. It seems to me that this means that when a member succumbs to sin, the whole Body is pulled toward sin and when one member overcomes temptation, the whole Body is pulled toward God.



Hi Marco. Yes, I agree with your thoughts. I’ve heard it put this way… too. By Fr. Corapi and many others on EWTN.

I guess the point then, is for all of us to learn to “offer it up”! :thumbsup: And we can do this, through a simple act of the will… each time we pray. Simply offer our sufferings (however big or small they be) to God… for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls.

It’s a profound moment… when we come to realize that our own personal sins… DO have an effect on the Mystical Body of Christ… which is the Church… all of us. :nope: But, on the flip side… we have been told, that ALL OF HEAVEN rejoices at the return of ONE repentant sinner! :yup: I can imagine the “hoopla” that erupted in the Kingdom, when this one (moi)… :blushing: returned to the Church! lol.

I think so many people “lose” this reality today… because of the times we’re living in. Everything is the “ME, ME, ME”. But when we learn to look at it from the true perspective… that each of us are but a small part of God’s enormous Family… God’s Royal Family… our outlook begins to change. Huh? We start to think about how our actions will effect the Kingdom… and we become more careful.

Very interesting topic. Thanks for starting it! God bless.


Probably something like this.

But yes, if this idea was taught better, people would see a greater reason, apart from themselves even, to avoid sin!


Quoted from greatcrusade.org/greatcrusade/Love/Love-3.htm :

Suffering Is a Gift from God

Most beloved daughter, united with My Son in the desire and redemption of the Cross, your soul satisfies for the guilt in the uniting love, found in the tender knowledge of My Goodness which is united to the grief and suffering of the human heart; for by infinite love united to infinite suffering, My infinite Mercy works.

But man ignores this: he does not want to hear talk of pain accepted and desired for love of Me. It is redemption through My Son and of those who are united to Him in suffering, and who calling humbly to My Fatherly Heart, achieve perfect knowledge of themselves, of Me in them.

Do not be sad if finding yourself in this knowledge that you may have to suffer. Suffice to know that for that suffering, I will no longer remember how you may have offended Me. And for those for whom your love has satisfied My Mercy, that suffering will prepare them so that they may receive My gifts.

The luminous souls of high stature that are at My left are the souls that unite themselves to My Son’s pains with their own. Sharing in My eternal Life, they will be and are very close to Me.

I will tell you what the suffering of My Son’s Heart is. You will understand that it is a reality. But I want you to write it for the knowledge of so many souls that do not understand how suffering could make them divine.

My Son’s suffering is latent in the universe ever since He redeemed the human race, and it will be so till the end of time if they do not come to understand that suffering is a gift from God and they reject it. Perhaps if they knew the value that this suffering has before My eyes, then not only would they not reject it, but they would insistently ask Me for it…

Upon giving His life for souls and becoming man in order to be able to suffer and redeem them, My Son elevated the nobility of suffering. He elevated it to such a degree that on being accepted voluntarily by a soul and becoming a scapegoat, the soul instantaneously takes upon itself not its own sufferings but rather part of My Son’s which live forever for the redemption of man.

Suffering involves in itself: light, love, and knowledge of the truth. My Son’s Heart no longer suffers, but His pain will live in the universe as long as men insist on not seeing the light, in hating, and in not wanting to understand that I am the Truth.

My vision takes in what was, what is, and what will be, with such clarity that no one will be able to understand what is all before Me at the same time, without limitation nor space, and that can not only not make a mistake but not even get mixed up… This is why I tell you that, since the redemption of the human race by My Son, We have wanted for His pains, anguishes, sufferings, and martyrdom to remain in time, so that those elected souls, continue partaking of these tribulations and are able to be part of His redemption.

When not one soul is left to redeem and the end of time comes, then the suffering of the God-Man will disappear.

That is why, My daughter, I have wanted to make you see how Jesus’ suffering satisfies… The pain endured by My Son is an inexhaustible fountain of divine goods and gifts, source of sanctity, and eternal life for those who, identified with His Passion, unite themselves to Him, and with Him endure and suffer a martyrdom that is slow but intense in its effectiveness. That is, to bear the physical and spiritual suffering without fainting, smiling at the pain, and wishing to share it with Jesus for the salvation of souls until the end of their days.

Unfortunately, humanity refuses pain more and more and anxiously seeks all the means that science discovers to suppress it. It does not want to accept pain in life and comes in its audacity to reject the merits of My Son’s Passion and Martyrdom in the redemption of man.

In his pride and rebelliousness he wants to come to Me without going through Christ… He does not want a wounded and crucified God to remind him of what He suffered for all men, forcing him to recognize that he is indebted to Him for his redemption.

They want a distant God and a God that will not bother them, without any painful reminders that could cause them remorse. They want God to admit that they, without Him, upon discovering all the mysteries of nature, are taking control of the great hidden force in the universe; to do so, they do not need Him, for they are intelligent and free beings. They ignore that I gave them that intelligence so that they could work for Me in the great work of the universe.

Also those I elevated to the highest dignity want to forge for themselves and others, a God that will submit to their ambitions and whims. They want to change the Church to the materialistic rhythm of the world, introducing in her, ways and customs that border on heresy and error.

Liberty should not mean independence and licentiousness… Evolution does not consist in changing the faith so that the Church will be better. Ever since the Church was founded by Christ and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, it carries in itself all the divine seeds for its gradual development in the ages and for its divine evolution in the souls that form her; and continuing in them everything that, being eternal, can take them to their God.

When they leave the trenches designed by the hand of Jesus, they deviate dangerously towards heresy, rebellion to the divine laws, the arrogance to not follow its laws when they elect themselves to renew their Church.

To come to Me, light unreachable, it is necessary to go through Christ and Mary. One has to follow their footsteps and humbly obey the divine designs. That is how the faithful man must accept it if he wants to find Me who, with My Divine Son and the Holy Spirit, We are one God.

For this, My Son’s Heart that gave the last drops of His Blood for men, wants to remain in the universe by means of His sufferings that live on and remain as help and encouragement for the souls that hunger for the divine and want to unite themselves to Him in the redemption.

In this way His merciful Love becomes present and His redemption everlasting to so many souls that were, are, and will be in the course of all ages.

Suffer silently, humbly, feeling the hunger for the salvation of souls, and going through all the tribulations to the extent that I want to send them. In this way you will unite with the suffering of My Son and I will know that you seek the Kingdom of God in souls.


I think there are people out there who have misguided compassion and fall into the trap of letting their goodwill be taken, rather than freely giving it, (if that makes any sense).

I guess what I’m trying to say is, giving and helping one another is a necessary part of making this poor world a happier place. But it is important to remember to give and share and reach out to others because it is the right thing and because you are doing the Godly thing, not to mitigate any feelings of guilt or to try to quell any doubts you might have about your own value as a person (goodness, I must sound terribly confusing)

Take the following scenario…

A man on a set income called in to one of Mother Angelicas shows and said that he would steal his cigarettes and then give food to the poor to ease his guilt later.

Mother Angelicas response…

" Give less to the poor and buy the cigarettes if you must"


I hope my suffering can help someone. I have been currently “offering it up” for one particular person. I am praying for his “freedom”, something that I believe God desires for him more than I do.


this is a great idea especially offering suffering and sacrifices for souls in purgatory cause they can not pray for themselves. :slight_smile:


Hehehe. Yeah. There was probably quite a bit of this too: :extrahappy: :yup: :egyptian: :harp:

AWESOME responses from everyone!


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