Our sun only last 5 billion years and question about Resurrection


I have a question concerning about the life span of our sun. It has been proven through observation through science, that our yellow sun will not last and will turn into a Red Giant.

After a 5 Billion years, the earth will be consume by fire from the heat of the Red Giant. How can this co-exist with Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection. If suppose the Resurrection happen before the 5 billion years, and our sun expands, will we be consumed by fire?

How can we resurrect if our bodies will be turned into star dust? Perhaps, since God can stop nature he could probably halt Sun from turning into a Red Giant.

Any thoughts?


God created the Sun.
He created everything, and the catechism explains that
The Second coming is just suspended until the day God sees fit, it is not set in the future sometime, therefore noone can say when it is, becasue it is always just suspended right before you in time.

God created Science, we just “removed God from science” as put by Augustine [if i am not mistaken]
And There is no way to predict this stuff not through science, and not through spirit.
God will let it happen when he sees fit, like i said before.

My 2cents.


I do know God created Science and that science cannot contradict God. I’m just thinking about the probably of sun dying.


Ya never know, God wouldn’t kill millions of us like that without letting us know, would he?
Ya never know.
Jesus might return before the sun changes. and the world will end.

I see what you are saying though.


Or he could come when the sun turns into a Red Giant only to stop it. Then again, no one knows the hour when he comes.


It’s a possibility, God works in mysterious ways.


As far as the Resurrection goes, turning into “star dust” doesn’t seem to me to be any more of a problem (regarding the resurrection of the body) than turning into “earth dust,” which we already do. True?


That’s not true. God created science, but He also maintains its validity. God, if He so wills, can abolish the rules and create a new Earth, which is exactly what Revelations teaches us.

All science can predict is what will happen if God does not intervene, but that does not mean that God is bound to follow the laws of the universe in terms of its destruction. If that is the case, then the whole universe itself will not be destroyed [by God] for a long time, at least, not until the universe expands so much that everything is litterally stretched too thin.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that one saint or mystic said something to the effect that in the new Earth there will be no sun because Christ will literally light the world Himself…


I don’t think you or anyone else will have to worry about that 5 billion years, time until the sun to blows up…God isn’t that patient.


do you lie awake all night worrying about this kind of stuff?
I thought we were due to be smashed by an asteroid long before the sun burns out, and in any case, global warming will have destroyed life as we know it before the asteroid hits, so chill out. (It is even money on whether the mega-tsunami causes the earth to spin backwards on its axis, or global warming happens first, so I would not like to bet on it).

God created the world from nothing, he can resurrect it from nothing.


I’ve always had the impression that after the second coming and judgement day, we won’t necessarily be living in THIS world, but God’s Kingdom.


I ask merely out of curiosity not out of fear. :thumbsup:


Manny, that’s definitely what I’d call idle curiosity - don’t you have more pertinent things to worry about - things that aren’t due to happen 5 BILLION (not even 5 million, but 5 BILLION) years in the future?


Well with what puezzleannie said about asteroids etc the sun would be on the list. I think if it didnt cross our minds now and then we wouldnt be human.

I notice lately that science is pretty big on bringing up how nature is gonna kill us. It puts it on our minds. I think of it now and then, used to more when I was younger, Im about middle of the road now. dont know if age has anything to do with it but I imagine it does.

I think the other person who said Christ will be the light is onto something. When Christ comes back, He will bring a new earth and heaven so I would have to think that all deals with the current situation will be over.


Yes, Yes He would, He said no more rain, He never said anything about fire. Remember we are still just a creation. He could kill us of all in a second if he wished it and it would be as we never exsisted, and it would not even take away from his glory.


First of all, we really only have about a billion years to live as by then the titonic plates will have stopped moving and the sun will already be hot enough to scorch life. That being said if in only one hundred years we have gone from the invention of the light bulb to the computer age what age do you think we will be in a billion years granted we don’t destroy ourselves. We will probabyl already have found one of the other earth planets in our galaxy (there are about 1,000,000 that are suffucient and about 1,000 that are exceptionally good) and a way of getting there and colonizing.


You’d be suprised what the Church teaches on this. I’m not sure but it either is possible or probable that God’s Kingdom will be both in Heaven and on Earth. If God comes to Earth(in a sense moreso than the present), then isn’t it His Kingdom?

Also, if God were to wait for the Second Coming to occur until after this event, then I’m guessing we would have traveled far enough away to to survive… Just random thoughts on it.

Catholics are allowed to be cremated as long as it is not in defiance of the doctrine of the resurrection of the body. Just as bodies decompose in the earth, the Red Ballon Sun we would have would burn us as a massive cremation. Anything is possible for God…we would still be resurrected. Remember, our resurrected bodies won’t be exactly the same as our former selves(I think so anyway…it’s late). Doesn’t this imply at least some rearrangement of self? It seems that instead of rearranging our newly dead corpses into the new bodies which we will be reunited with…God would simply be rearranging our ashes into the new bodies which we will be reunited with. Nothing too extreme right? Our God is an Awesome God. :amen:


Yes it is His Kingdom, and it will not end. What I meant when I said that was once the second coming arrives, none of the other problems of this world will matter. Whether or not the sun blows up will be irrelevant, because His Kingdom will last forever, no matter what science says will happen to this earth.

I kinda look at it as what happened at the end of The Last Battle in CS Lewis’ works. This world might be destroyed and end, but it will be renewed and remade perfectly in God’s Kingdom.

Or it may just be my wishful thinking. Honestly, I don’t really worry about the hows or whats, I’m just trying to get there when the time counts.



Actually, it seems you have already answered your own question. God can suspend or even abolish the laws of nature at the end of time in order to bring about the fullfillment of Revelation.


Hi again Manny, good thing you have a sense of humor so you can take me when I talk late at night when I am sleepy.

It did just occur to me that CS Lewis had one of his professor types address this question, partly in the Sci Fi trilogy, more in detail in the Dark Shadow, an incomplete novel draft. I do not have your scientific background but as I understand it the argument (which was also applied to the notion of time-travel in the book) is that the law of conservation of matter means even if the entire earth (or presumably universe) was destroyed by cataclysmic event, the matter, the elements that formerly made up all the human bodies, animals, surface features, and planetary objectss, would still exist and therefore God could “reconstitute” the matter in any way shape or form he chooses, included re-creating the universe in a resurrected perfect way. Or if you believe in evolution, the universe could presumably evolve again, starting with the nuclear chain reactions instigated by the cataclysm.

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