Our sword of Prayer

What is prayer to you and in what ways may it be used?

Every morning my son, who is slightly retarded, runs up to me when I come downstairs and gives me a hug and tells me he loves me. I then tell him I love him and tossle his hair a bit.

In it’s basic form, for me, prayer is getting a bit of the I love you Dad, I love you son and a bit of the tossled hair of reassurance that things are still okay. Stupid and Corny, but the way I see it.

I’m sure that God probably considers me to be at least slightly retarded.

^^New favorite quote.^^ :wink:

And yeah, I’ve always had the same type of relationship with God: an “I love you, I love you too,” very simple Father-son dynamic. If I need something, I ask, He answers. If I just want to express my love, He returns that love a thousandfold.

Gotsta love my Daddy!:smiley:

I pray every day. :slight_smile:

I pray every day - if nothing else I at least pray before every meal.

I have learned the best day to start the day is to say "Good morning-God…Thank you for another day. I don’t even make to my knees in the morning…I ask for another day of sobriety, to teach me discernment for His will for me for the day…the grace to have the willingness to accept His will & the strength to carry it out. I also offer all my actions for the day for Him…I say the St Francis prayer, ask God to remove or help me to overcome all my selfishness, self-centeredness, self-seeking, self-pity and help me to put others first. Then I do a spiritual communion…say a wonderful prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus…and Oh my soul Bless & Praise the Lord…then I get out of bed. I have to do several attitude adjustments throughout the day…because many times I can see that I’m still a jerk.:blush:

I’ve learned that prayer helps me get through my day.

May I humbly suggest “Deep and profound” instead of “Stupid and Corny”.

Your son is blessed.

Before my feet hit the floor in the morning I say a short morning offering and prayer to my guardian angel (Augustus, never Gus[size=][/size]) Then I say rosary, morning prayer, and go to Mass or watch on TV. I try to say Liturgy of the Hours, but mostly make my own prayers throughout the day.:gopray2:

(I just started doing this a year or so ago. Before that it was just a rosary - see how it works?):slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Prayer is the lifting of the mind and heart to God.
I want to get to the point where every moment is a prayer. But I’m a long way off from that.

I want Him to be at each moment my all in all.:byzsoc:

The rosary is my favorite prayer–after the Mass, of course.
:angel1: :angel1: :angel1:

May God give everyone the grace of prayer, the special grace of communion and covenant, that all may be saved from Hell and enter into Heaven. Amen.


Thank you. I know that I am blessed. He (my son) teaches me something important everyday.

I try to start the morning off with the Morning Offering and Act of Offering before getting out of bed. Only happens half the time. And sometimes throughout my morning routine and/or day I will recite the litany of prayers I have memorized (so far). I say the meal blessing and talk casually to God throughout the day. I try to say the Rosary and Divine Mercy in bed before I go to sleep, but I usually fall asleep before I get through it…which is ok by me…it’s a wonderful way to relax, focus on God and fall asleep with a smile on my face! I try to remember to say a prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible. I will visit the Tabernacle (ours is a separate room in the vesibule area) several times a week and light a candle and say a prayer for someone.

It sounds like alot, but it doesn’t seem like enough…plus I’m not very consistant…but at least one prayer gets said everyday.

When I get out of bed in the morning, and go to bed at night, I turn towards a picture of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary on the wall and make the sign of the cross.

Then after I get out of the shower and dressed, I say morning prayers that I’ve done since I was a kid, plus the Litany of Loreto and the Memorare to Our Lady.

I NEVER FAIL to pray my daily Rosary! (even when I had surgery two years ago, I walked the hospital corridors with the beads in my hands and whispered the prayers)

There’s an Adoration Chapel in my town, so I have a regularly scheduled Holy Hour on Saturday night between 8 and 9 pm. And since I’m not working now, I make an additional visit in the morning. It’s always good to spend time in quiet prayer there!

I’ve also done the Divine Office [Breviary] and the Little Office of Our Lady-I do the latter more than the former.

And I try to do grace before I eat.

Hope this doesn’t sound like the Pharisee…:blush:

Sounds more like an honest love of prayer to me :thumbsup:

God bless you.

Although I couldn’t get out of bed, in the hospital I was constantly getting my beads tangled with the sides of the bed/IVs, etc.:smiley:

Besides, Morning Offering and rosary, “Lectio” esp. with Scripture readings and around 20-40 minutes of contemplative-type prayer are essential to having a decent day to me.:shrug:

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