Our washing machine is BROKE

This could not have happened at a worse time! We just spent over $150 the last 2 weeks on co-pays because the baby was sick. This really put us in the negative and now the washing machine died last night. There is NO WAY we can afford to buy another one right now, we can’t even afford to buy parts for this one if DH finds out what’s wrong with it.

This has been keeping me up all night. We have 6 people in this house. It will be expensive going to the laundromat! :eek:

Please say a prayer that DH will get this fixed tonight without costing too much $$. I don’t know what we’re going to do…:frowning:

I’m praying! How frustrating this must be for you! And I hope your baby gets better too.

When we got our new washer a few months ago, we saw that financing was available on most appliances. Given, the interest rates were outrageous, but it could be cheaper for you than the laundromat for a few months until you can save up enough to pay it off in full. I hope you find a solution!

OH, how I feel for you!!

Our dryer broke, and it’s too expensive to fix and we can’t afford a new one, either!

So… I have racks of wet clothes all over the house trying to dry. It has been impossible to keep up, and our wardrobe has severely limited itself.

I’m so sorry for your predicament!! Between the two, I’d much rather lose the dryer.

I also hope your baby is better!

May the Lord grant you strength and patience through this difficult time

God bless!


If worse comes to worse, use the tub. Cut a broom handle down to about half size, and use it as an agitator. Then just let things soak for a little bit. The most difficult part to reproduce without power is the spin cycle.

I’d personally rather loose the washer than the dryer cuz it takes forever to dry clothes without a dryer. Especially in a humid climate llike Houston.

Any neighbors owe you some favors? Maybe bake a coffee cake and take it over to a neighbor while you wash a load or two. Ask at the church too, they may be able to help you in exchange for some help around the place.

I hated using the laudromat, so if ever a friend of mine is in the position that they have to do so, I always offer for them to come here and use ours.

Of course someone’s got to say it… Offer it up!! :smiley: You’ll be fine. Just do the undies in the tub and tell everyone to keep their clothes clean! Turn up the heat and leave the baby in a diaper!

Financing just isn’t an option right now. We’re already trying to pay other debt off and there’s no way we can afford anymore.

We can’t even afford the laundromat! I don’t know what we’ll do if he can’t fix it. Just passing this onto God’s hands…

I am so sorry tha this has happened to you right now! How is the baby?

Have you heard of “freecycle”? It is an internet community based on location where people give away or ask for things.

** If you are not already a member, your first post will have to be an offer (just find anything around the house you can give away, big or small). But then you can post your need for a washing machine. Many people upgrade and just give away their old appliances. I have been surprised by people’s generosity. It’s worth a try!!!**

**Praying that God helps you in this time of need:gopray: **


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind if DH can’t fix it. :slight_smile:

The baby is doing good, he’s still sick though.

So any luck with the washing machine ?

This may be small consolation, but if it isn’t easily fixable and Freecycle strikes out, check your local paper classified. I see used washers for well under $100 all the time. Heck, that’s cheaper than a repairman.

God bless.

Don’t know yet. DH is going to bring home a diagnostic tool from work tonight…hopefully he’ll be able to figure out what the problem is. If it can be fixed, DH will figure it out (he’s a mechanic). I’m just worried about what the parts will cost.

Oh hopefully, it’s just I fix these things for a living, so was going to offer some diagnostics.

Have you considered posting on something like Craig’s List? Sometimes there are ways to barter for services on these websites. Something to consider…

:dancing: HE FIXED IT HE FIXED IT!!! WooHoo!! :dancing:

Thank You God!!!

He got it running tonight and he said tomorrow he has to pick up a $20 switch at the Maytag store and she’ll be good as new. I am SO relieved!! :thumbsup:

God is good…

your patience and prayer will be rewarded… perhaps less time in purgatory… (which Fr. Groeschel has called the “final rinse” :rolleyes: )


Yeeeeeaaaaa! Doncha just LOVE $20 fixits??

what a relief! :blessyou:

I love a happy ending!

:rotfl: I love it! That line’s definitely getting e-mailed to hubby today!

Masondoggy, I’m so happy to hear it’s fixed! I just put on my first load of laundry for the day and said a prayer for you. Then the suspense was just too much and I had to get on here and find out–was he able to fix it? Yay!!! And I’m glad to hear your baby’s doing better too.

Thanks you, everyone, for your prayers!

I promise to never, ever complain about doing laundry again!

Well, er, nevermind…I’ll still complain. :smiley: I just won’t ever take my washing machine and dryer for granted ever again! Now I have to get myself motivated to go downstairs and get the laundry caught up…it’s piled up again after 2 days of sitting. :rolleyes:

Just an FYI for if/when you get in this situation again.

Place clothes in tub.
Add soap and water. (enough to cover the clothes)
Add 1 or 2 barefoot children for agitation.
Wring or press excess water.
Place in dryer.

**The good news is you can do a heck of a lot of loads in the “washer” that way. The bad news is you really should only do what will fit in the dryer.


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