Ousted US vaccine director files stunning whistleblower complaint

Dr Rick Bright, who led the office overseeing the development of a vaccine, says officials launched a “baseless smear campaign” against him and levelled “demonstrably false allegations about his performance in an attempt to justify what was clearly a retaliatory demotion” following his opposition to the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

He argued to White House officials that the use of the drugs, which the federal Food and Drug Administration later warned against using, lacked “scientific merit” while the administration pushed to “flood” parts of the US with drugs “imported from factories in Pakistan and India that had not been inspected by the FDA”, the complaint says.

Didn’t think the public would get this?
Must be tough governing in a free nation that values transparency and honest dealings.

And he will testify next week on Capitol Hill.

Yes he will. Democrats will ask questions.

And I can’t wait to watch.

Trump will say," I had to fire Fauci because Democrats insisted on the truth. Lol


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Another whistleblower…this shouldn’t be surprising.

We are getting closer to the election. The attacks on the President will be
fast and furious.

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Definitely unsurprising, when a government needlessly kills tens of thousands there are always a few good eggs who come forward.

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And which government would that be that has killed tens of thousands?
Please fill me in on all the details. @Balto1

Have they started to attack the doctor yet?

I haven’t seen anything yet, but we can start working on the bingo card
:white_square_button: Deep state
:white_square_button: Never Trumper
:white_square_button: Obama guy
:white_square_button: Fake news
:white_square_button: Terrible worker
:white_square_button: Derogatory nickname (Dr “not-so-bright?”)
:white_square_button: Loser, low level
:white_square_button: Hates America
:white_square_button: Angry because he got fired


I’m betting all of the above.


After the last failed attempt to oust Trump over a whistleblower, and after spending their time on said whistleblower rather than protecting America from the threat of this virus, why is anyone crowing about what people will say to attack Rick Bright?

If you want to pursue this yet again, by all means. It worked out well last time.

Rick Bright seemed bitter over not being given his perceived due respect long before this. Perhaps his complaint has merit, and perhaps it doesn’t.


This man had a political disagreement with the administration. Possibly he also had a medical disagreement, but since the hydrochloroquine issue has become so politically charged now, it’s hard not to think of them as the same thing.

He went political about it, insisted on his own (or his party’s) judgment prevailing, and was moved to another, seemingly less prestigious government job (not fired). So he grabs onto the latest anti-Trump weapon and claims to be a whistleblower in order to fight his transfer as a political issue.

It’s 100% political.

And parenthetically, people who have made hydrochloroquine an anti-Trump thing, are likely doing a lot of harm because, while no single medication has been indisputably demonstrated to have truly dramatic results, there are plenty of anecdotal accounts of its utility; too many to ignore, including the obvious belief of many, many doctors that it is at least helpful.

But, like Cuomo putting Covid19 positive people in nursing homes, and Biden calling Trump a racist for the China travel ban, the left really doesn’t care. It’s all political, and people are far down the list of priorities for them.


Only because the administration turned what should have been a medical issue into a political issue. Dr. Bright merely insisted on keeping it a medical issue.

The President is the one who made it so politically charged.

No, he insisted on his own medical judgement, which he was more than qualified to do.

but more importantly, he was removed as an obstacle to the President for pushing his personal agenda for hydroxychloroquine.

Only because it was the only reasonable route to exercise his integrity.

If so, you can blame Trump for that.

Note the use of indefinite terms like “plenty of accounts” and “many many doctors” and “at least helpful.” Actually, there is no statistical evidence that it has helped one little bit. It might turn out to be helpful, and I hope it does, and I support the continued use of HCQ in trials in combination with other drugs.

A calumnious speculation.

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From the article:

The complaint also details attempts by Dr Kadlec, the HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response, to bypass Dr Bright for funding. Mr Kadlec had failed to inform Congress about his long-standing relationship with Emergent Biosolutions, which received a government contract worth more than $2 billion.


To justify extending funding to a pharmaceutical company, Mr Clerici said the CEO was “a friend of Jared Kushner,” the president’s senior advisor and son-in-law, according to the complaint.

Which are concrete examples of non-political accusations of corruption leveled by the whistleblower.

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That’s literally your entire post. Prove anything you posited, or stop worrying about others speculating.

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That would be the communist regime in China.

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