“Out lesbian and practicing Roman Catholic”

California nurse labor organizer elected head of SEIU

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Maybe there is something to the flouride in water conspiracy theories after all. There must be SOME explanation how otherwise rational human beings can so completely ignore logical contradictions like this.

Maybe I should just give up and jump on the bandwagon. I could become a “practicing catholic cat burglar!” I’ll limit my stealthy activities to valuable art treasures so that nobody is deprived of food or shelter. After all, I learned the primacy of those rights from my catholic social justice education. All that “shalt not steal” stuff comes from old men in Rome who’ve been hoarding priceless art for centuries! Who wants to join me taking out an ad in a newspaper proclaiming the independence of our conscience in the matter of ‘liberating’ valuable art from notorious hoarders? :smiley:

Petty blue collar crime isn’t worth it. Let me recommend you try stealing millions in investment fraud :thumbsup:

the left wing blogs will just say how hypocritical they think the church is.

Food additives. “Contains artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.”

This is one of the many comments posted on this article, it follows:

“Posted Tuesday, May 11, 2010 10:46 AM By dana
It’s truly embarrassing to live in a country and a time where who one is is defined by one’s sexual preference (not to be confused with race, or physical attributes bestowed on one in the womb). Whether this woman is a lesbian or prefers having sex on top of a tall building with pigeons, she’s still guilty of adultery. Yes, we should love the sinner and not the sin, but some of the people here are just so off center (eccentric) from God’s laws (immutable and unchanging laws) that frankly, this just isn’t the format to even try to frame a discussion. As I keep saying…please, read the Bible and see what God says about it. Stop referring to your own and the world’s interpretations. It’s time some of you weaned yourselves off the babyfood you’ve grown to love and start developing a true taste for the real meat of faith.”

This just never stop. This lesbain serves Satan. Now lets here all the howling from the athiests and occultists. The truth is from Jesus Christ as told in Matthew: 16:18 “And I tell you that your are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hades will not overcome it.” The rock is the Catholic Church and the words are from Jesus Christ.

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