Out of 700 Quintillion Other Planets, Earth Might Be Totally Unique


A new model of the universe suggests there could be as many as 700 quintillion other planets out there, and Earth doesn’t look like any of them.
This is huge news because it runs contrary to everything we know about our place in the universe.

Back in the early 1500s, Nicolaus Copernicus figured out that the Earth wasn’t at the center of the solar system. From then on, the more we learned about the universe, the more clear it became that Earth is cosmically insignificant — an idea called the Copernican Principle.

The Kepler Space Telescope has found 32 other planets that, like Earth, sit in the habitable zone around their stars. If you extrapolate those numbers to all the stars we know about, there should be between 40 billion and 49 billion other potentially habitable planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone. And the Milky Way is just one of an estimated 100 billion galaxies.


Looks like we’re alone after all.


700 quintillion planets, and we are the only ones?

That is almost to scary to comprehend!:eek:


Planet Earth is just one Grain of sand among many grains of sand on the Beach of life


! in 700 quintillion are odds that make winning the lottery like child’s play.

These odds are typical of how an ordered universe could come into existence in the first place.


If you’re interested, read Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe, by Peter D. Ward and Donald Brownlee.

The book examines a number of improbable factors that make Planet Earth habitable for advanced life: a star of just the right size to generate heat and light for billions of years; our single large moon, which stabilizes the rotational axis of the earth; a molten metallic core, which generates a magnetic field which shields us from harmful radiation; a sufficiently thin crust and sufficiently hot mantle to drive plate tectonics, which recycles carbon dioxide, without which our planet would freeze; a massive gaseous planet (Jupiter), not too close to our planet, which clears the Solar System of most meteors that could catastrophically impact Earth; our location on the outskirts of the galaxy, which isolates us from other stars that could either disrupt our planetary orbit or, in the event of a near supernova, sterilize our planet with harmful radiation; enough liquid water to sustain life; a sufficiently large planet (having enough gravity) to retain its water and atmosphere for billions of years.

It is a rare combination indeed.



You know, I’ve always had the speculation that God created the whole cosmos so that we can have a spectacular night time view :slight_smile:


If other worlds are inhabited, would it detract in anyway from Christianity?



:confused: Should it?


Ya got me picturing myself walking barefoot through Eternity and the Cosmos. An altogether agreeable image! Thanks, P.:slight_smile:


We’re NEVER alone. We have Our Lord with us all the time.(That’s why I love spending time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, to remind me of this very fact). God put us here for a reason and whats amazing is He keeps our little planet going every minute of every day! God with us, who can be afraid! And we have each other to Praise God with us always. Let’s stand strong with God’s Grace and TRUST HIM! God Bless, Memaw

PS. Fr. Mitch Pacwa had an amazing theme on his EWTN Live show last Wednesday, on this very subject. It was great. I can’t remember the name of his guest but it would be well worth going to www.ewtn.com and watch it. I will go watch it again myself! God Bless, Memaw


You won’t be alone there either! God Bless, Memaw


Or maybe he created the cosmos to give us a wonderful view on our way to the pearly gates?:slight_smile:


Not at all. I don’t recall there ever being the Lord’s commandment of ‘Thou shalt not be any inhabited life other than planet Earth’. :slight_smile:


As the article stated…they only are talking about a small part of the universe…personally I believe that God who is the creator of life and of all things… and has never stopped creating out of his perfect love…I hope that one day I will be able to witness God creating life throughout this universe…and watch that life evolve into the awareness of a loving creator as we have


The idea of man’s unexceptional place in creation has detracted from Christianity and the idea of God’s Providence very much. Being one in a gadzillion restores the concept of the exceptional, and negates the commonality of blind chance.


No two planets are the same. I’m missing though how that somehow proves (or even implies) that we are alone in the universe???
How are we drawing that conclusion from this data??


This is just a guess, nothing less nothing more, there is no way anyone here can estimate how many planets are out there or if they are similar to earth, or if they contain any type of life.

Just look thru our very short history to see all the errors we made about planets and space over the years…something tells me what we believe today will likely be proven wrong at some point in the future


I don’t recall the Bible ever saying there would be either. HE did tell us about the Angels tho!!! And HE said man was a little “less” than the angels. HE never mentioned there being any aliens somewhere in between!! So guess its really NONE of our business! God Bless, Memaw


Or else G-d purposely doesn’t tell us in order to make it our business to find out for ourselves.


It gives us a faint idea of how much He loves us. :slight_smile:

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